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Star Alert


Star Alert Overview

Consistent with Federal, State and Board directives, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has adopted requirements for All Hazards planning. There are 15 Essential Services Functions identified, the first of which is Communications - Warning and Notification. It requires a complete emergency notification system be in place that will include active, passive, and individual messaging. For individual messaging, a wireless application is needed.

Upon recommendation of the ENS (Emergency Notification System) Working Group, the Office of the Chancellor has negotiated and funded a service agreement with Inspiron Logistics Corporation for the system-wide use of their Wireless Emergency Notification System product for individual messaging. It will enable every institution to have a common solution for emergency notification.

Inspiron Logistics Corporation was selected in part because the technology resources required for campus implementation are minimal. The bulk of the campus effort will go towards planning and establishing protocols for activating emergency communication under the framework of the All Hazards Plan.

This emergency-only service will be branded across the entire System under the name Star Alertâ„¢. The primary delivery methods are text messaging and email. Text messaging is the student preferred way to communicate and the best way to reach students quickly, while email offers another option for those who can receive email to their cell phones. Faculty and staff members will also be able to enroll in Star Alert. Star Alert is an opt-in solution meaning, the user may subscribe or unsubscribe to the service by choice.

It is important to note that no one system is capable of reaching everyone, everywhere, every time. Star Alert will allow all Minnesota State Colleges & Universities a common notification system for each campus All-Hazards Plan.

To sign up for the star alert system, click here.


Did You Know?

QUESTION: If there's a campus emergency, how will you know?

ANSWER: Star Alert, an emergency notification system that sends you an e-mail and a text message.

But, first you have to sign up for the free service.

Star Alert messages briefly note the nature of the emergency, what action, if any, should be taken, and where to find additional information. Multiple numbers and addresses can be registered, including those of parents or others a registrant would want notified. Star Alert is one of several ways students and employees might be notified of a campus emergency. Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, notification methods could include:

  • Alerts on the M State Web site
  • E-mail message to SpartanNet addresses
  • Voicemail message on campus phones
  • Flyers posted on building doors
  • Loud tone and message on the outdoor chimes/music system
  • Message on closed-circuit televisions

M State has implemented the Star Alert system, sign up today.


Stay Safe, Stay Informed

Everyone affiliated with M State is urged to register for this valuable service. It not only allows emergency information to be shared with you before your arrive on campus, but if access to campus computers and telephones is compromised for any reason, wireless notification is a critical component of timely communication.

Notifications are brief and will specify that the message is a M State Alert, which campus it impacts, what action to take, and where to find additional information.


Save time and gas, register for M State Alerts

This wireless emergency notification system that lets you know if campus is closed or if classes are delayed or cancelled. It is being implemented at every Minnesota State Colleges and Universities institution so if you attend more than one campus, you may choose to receive Star Alerts from each of them.

Last modified: March 12th, 2009 at 04:07pm