About The Center for College Readiness

About The Center for College Readiness

The Center for College Readiness (Center) was funded through a competitive grant process by the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (MnSCU). The MnSCU system granted dollars to Minnesota State Community and Technical College (M State) to create the center based on their proposal. The Center was funded as an Access and Opportunity Center charged with serving students currently underrepresented within university systems. Underrepresented is defined as students of color, students eligible for free/reduced lunch and students that would be the first generation in their families to attend college.

The underlying philosophy of the Center is to create communication between high school students, their teachers and college faculty members to support skills development in preparation for college attendance. The different programs of the Center achieve this communication and support through varying mechanisms, but all programs of the Center have a distance technology component incorporated. The deliberate use of distance technology was a culmination of the desire to make innovative use of current technologies to support and improve education and to address a practical concern in overcoming the relatively large distances that separate communities in out-state Minnesota. The use of distance technology has the added benefit of making the Center's programs available to anyone with a high speed internet connection.


Integrating Technology into Education

Technology has the potential to provide powerful new opportunities to educators and students. Bringing people together to share in the learning process is only one of many applications. The Center for College Readiness is constantly working to identify and implement technological applications for education. These applications range from allowing students additional feedback from regional college english instructors to bringing college math faculty directly to the classroom through web-based video. The Center is currently working to provide students with web-based learning videos to assist them with difficult math and writing concepts. Look for these and many future opportunities at www.centerforcollegereadiness.org.

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