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The Center for College Readiness

The Center for College Readiness provides college preparatory support services and resources to junior high and high school teachers and students. There are five dynamic programs under the online umbrella of The Center for College Readiness. The programs sponsored are listed below. To learn more about a specific program, click the appropriate link to be redirected to the program homepage. We appreciate your interest in our programs! If you have further questions, please contact the Center at 218.846.3806.


Math Works

Math Works is an engaging, distance learning collaboration between classes of middle and high school students, their teacher and a college faculty partner. These collaborative teams work together to introduce math topics using hands-on activities with real-life application developed with assistance of industry partners. Throughout the semester, college faculty members "join" the high school math class via distance learning technology to assist in the instruction of real-world mathematics. Math Works also provides cooperating K-12 teachers with the opportunity to meet online throughout the year with other collaborating teachers to discuss ways to maximize student learning.


Ready or Not Writing

The mission of the Ready or Not Writing Program is to increase chances for post-secondary writing success by increasing college-ready writing proficiency in high school. To achieve its mission, the Ready or Not Writing Program assesses and identifies levels of college readiness, alerts high school students of their writing tendencies, provides strategies and resources for improvement and fosters communication among and between high school teachers, high school students and college English instructors.

"I think the rubric rating helped a lot. It allowed me to look over my essays, analyze what I did, and improve on my writing." - Ready or Not Writing High School Student


Step Write Up

Step Write Up invites 8th graders to submit a portfolio of their writing to high school language arts teachers who provide constructive feedback and support. Step Write Up readers also provide rubric ratings in five writing domains based on the "step" rubric. The program's mission is to better prepare 8th graders for 9th grade writing tasks by fostering open and frequent communication among 8th graders, their teachers and high school readers.

"I loved this resource…. I would love to be able to use this resource multiple times within a school year." - Step Write Up 8th Grade Teacher


Ready or Not Reading

The mission of the Ready or Not Reading Program is to increase chances for post-secondary success by allowing students to assess their readiness to read college-level materials and provide feedback to help students and their teachers work toward college-ready reading proficiency in high school. The Ready or Not Reading Program is being designed to identify, assess and provide feedback to support college-ready reading skills preparation among high school students.


Science Works

Coming Fall 2010....


Science and Technology Summer Camps

The Center for College Readiness offers the opportunity to participate in regional science and technology summer camps to students from schools which participate in our academic year programs. The camps are currently offered in cooperation with three college/university campuses: Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Fergus Falls, Minnesota State University Moorhead and White Earth Tribal and Community College.

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