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This course is designed for employees whose job responsibilities include creating and delivering training to other employees in formal and informal settings. The course will teach participants how to develop outlines and training curriculum, prepare presentations as well as other delivery methods such as on-the-job training, apply training principles and techniques, assess learning progress, and conduct an evaluation of the training. Trainees will prepare and deliver a relevant training module utilizing the steps of the training system. This training will be highly interactive and application driven. Participants will create a personalized "trainer manual" applying this learning to specifically prompt them as trainers to ensure their own training.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify and integrate adult learning styles into training.Develop training objectives.
  • Design and prepare training plans and materials.
  • Select appropriate training delivery methods for your audience and objective.
  • Practice and refine presentation skills.
  • Develop and utilize group learning activities.
  • Examine and utilize verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Apply feedback and questioning techniques.
  • Evaluate training for effectiveness.
  • Involve employee minds using skillful questioning techniques.

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