M State Flex


M State Flex

M State Flex is designed for working adults.

Classes are available in a variety of formats including semester long traditional courses held in the evening, online courses, and evening accelerated courses.

  • Traditional Course: consists of typical face-to-face meetings for class sessions during the entire semester.
  • Online Course: does not have face-to-face class sessions; all sessions are conducted on the web using a Course Management System (D2L).
  • Accelerated Course: describes a course that combines face-to-face and online learning in a shortened format (typically seven weeks). In an Accelerated course, a significant part of the course learning is online. The reduced classroom time allows students more flexible scheduling, while maintaining the face-to-face contact with the instructor that is typical of traditional education.


Available Degrees

Four associate degrees are available through the M State Flex program:


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