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College Seal

College Seal


College Seal

The College Seal is a primary logo designed to strengthen the visual identity of the M State brand. For select purposes, the college seal may be used alone as the prominent graphic identifier for the college. The college seal should not be modified in any way.


Spartans Logo

Spartans is the official name for all college intercollegiate and intramural sports. The Spartans logo is to be used for athletics-related promotional materials only. It is not to be used as a replacement for the college logo.


Communications and Marketing Forms

Below are the forms to request all types of work from the Communications and Marketing team:

Business Card and Name Badge Request

Directory Update Request

Email Signature Request

Photo and Media Release

Testimonial Request

Web Content Change Request

CAM Request (For all other Communications and Marketing requests)

College Seal

College Seal


Official College Visuals

The college logos are the official marks of Minnesota State Community and Technical College. They are the images that the college uses to represent itself in all communications and marketing. A college logo should appear on all forms of official communication and be large enough for all words to be legible. Our logos are available in multiple versions to accommodate a wide range of needs.

Below you will find the most commonly used official logos for the college. Use the EPS files for high-quality functions such as design software and commercial print applications. Use the JPEG file for electronic, web and basic print purposes.

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