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College Name

The college's legal name is Minnesota State Community and Technical College. When first referring to it in written or spoken form, always use the full name. You can subsequently shorten it to "M State" or "the college" (leaving "college" uncapitalized). When using the official college name in text, it's written as "Minnesota State Community and Technical College." An ampersand should not be used to replace the word "and." When the college name includes a campus, it's written with the college name followed by the location separated by a hyphen.

  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Detroit Lakes Campus
  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Fergus Falls Campus
  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Moorhead Campus
  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Wadena Campus
  • Minnesota State Community and Technical College - eCampus


College Logo

The college logo is the official mark of Minnesota State Community and Technical College. It is the image that the college uses to
represent itself in all communications. The college logo should appear on all forms of communication and be large enough for all
words to be legible. It is available in wide and stacked versions.

Use the EPS file for high-quality functions like design software (e.g. InDesign, Quark) and commercial print application. Use the JPEG file for electronic, web and basic print uses (e.g. Word, Excel, Publisher).



The "M State" moniker was designed to encourage use of the term as the accepted nickname for the college. The nickname doesn't replace the official college name. Not all external audiences know that M State represents Minnesota State Community and Technical College, which is why the moniker should be used primarily on internal communications pieces.

The M State moniker may be used in written form after the first reference to the college is the full college name (Minnesota State Community and Technical College). The moniker does not use a line between the "M" and "State" when used in written form; the line only appears in the official M State moniker logo.

It is acceptable to include a campus designation behind M State after the first reference to the college is the full college name and/or the design includes a college logo or college signature. In written form, M State is followed by the campus location and separated by a hyphen.

  • M State - Detroit Lakes Campus
  • M State - Fergus Falls Campus
  • M State - Moorhead Campus
  • M State - Wadena Campus
  • M State - eCampus


College Signature

This is the college's former logo (before the addition of the academic mark). This variation is included for limited use by designers. Designers should use the college signature only when the M State moniker logo is used prominently elsewhere in the design.


Academic Mark

The academic mark is another image designed to strengthen the visual identity of the M State brand. The academic mark doesn't replace the official college logo. Not all external audiences recognize the academic mark as part of the M State brand, which is why it should be used primarily in conjunction with other college logos. The academic mark is not to be altered in any way.


Spartans Logo

The "Spartans" are the official name for all college intercollegiate and intramural sports. The Spartans logo is to be used for athletics-related promotional materials only. It is not to be used as a replacement for the college logo.


Campus Photos

Pictures are an important design element in communication and can be an important branding tool. Campus photos have been approved for use to represent each of the four M State campuses. You can download approved photos of each campus here.

If you need higher-resolution campus photos than the ones provided here, please contact Tina Bartels, Graphic Design and Content Coordinator, at 218.736.1565.


Photo Gallery

Several professional photos are available for use on promotional materials or to support a news story. Contact sheets of the most recent photo session are available below; please don't hesitate to use a photo from a different campus if need be. There are hundreds of images available from previous years as well if none of these photos will do. To request a photo, contact Tina Bartels at 218.631.7953.

Professional photo sessions are typically conducted every other year in odd numbered years. To be included in the next photo session, contact Peter Wielinski at 218.631.7810.

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