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Fall Schedule


Fall Course Schedule

M State offers over 2500 courses online and at each of our campus locations during the fall semster. Students can continue their education, take general education courses to complete degree requirements at another college, or get a started on a degree or program option.


Taking one or two fall courses?

If you plan to take one or two M State fall courses online or at one of our campus locations and you do not plan to earn a degree from M State, two simple steps will get you registered for your courses.

Step One:

Submit the Special Student Application listed below and indicate your course selections.

Step Two:

Submit a $20.00 check or money order with your Special Student Application to cover your processing fee.

Once you have completed the two steps listed above, you will receive a confirmation letter, a copy of your schedule, and helpful information within five days. You are ready to start your M State course!


Start in fall and earn a degree?

If you want to attend M State this fall and continue with us until you earn a degree, diploma or certificate, you can apply to the college online.

M State offers over 100 career and transfer degrees and programs. Once you have applied to the college, you will receive information about your next step.

Last modified: June 30th, 2009 at 02:16pm