The M State Story

M State is a multi-campus college that serves the metropolitan Fargo Moorhead area and rural areas of northwestern Minnesota. Each of M State's four campuses offers a comprehensive list of certificates, diplomas and associate degrees in career and technical programs as well as transferable associate degree. M State offers numerous online programs, allowing students to complete their entire Associate of Arts degree or various career/technical programs online.

M State embraces the value and need for continuous improvement in all areas including curriculum and student learning, student service, collaboration and partnerships, planning and leading, continuity of resource management and workforce development. M State has done amazingly well in implementing innovative and strategic changes that have allowed the college to adjust to the paradigm shift created by new technologies, increasingly diverse student needs and expectations, and unsettled economic times. We continue use of the evidence-based planning processes of the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) to keep our college focused on continuous improvement needs and opportunities.

Accreditation Status: The Higher Learning Commission Board of Trustees approved M State as an AQIP Pathway Participant on Oct. 27, 2009, and we continue with the AQIP Pathway today. M State is a fully accredited institution. The accreditation affiliation statement is displayed proudly in the accreditation section of the website.


Continuous Improvement

Our AQIP systems portfolio demonstrates M State's ongoing effort to integrate continuous quality improvement initiatives into our culture and operations. The systems portfolio logs the college's activities, achievements, improvement plans and processes within specific categories. Documents and links providing evidence for our 2013 portfolio progress can be found in the document repository.

The format and the systems portfolio categories underwent significant revision from 2013 to 2017. The categories in the 2017 systems portfolio include Helping Students Learn, Meeting Student and Other Key Stakeholder Needs, Valuing Employees, Planning and Leading, Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship and Quality Overview.

The 2017 and 2013 AQIP portfolios are available below.


Strategic Planning

Through a comprehensive process that included many stakeholders, Minnesota State Community and Technical College updated its strategic plan in 2011-2012, with the final document approved by the President's Cabinet and published in July 2012. The College will embark upon its next comprehensive strategic planning process during the 2017-2018 academic year, which will allow us to incorporate continuous improvement feedback from the 2017 accreditation systems portfolio.

In addition to following a Strategic Plan, the College has established top priorities for the past three fiscal years. The Fiscal Year Top Priorities documents are also posted below.

The primary updates to the College's strategic plan include:

■ Revised vision statement
■ Revised mission statement
■ Alignment of goals with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System goals and strategic framework and continuous quality improvement input from institutional accreditation processes


HLC Federal Compliance Review

The Higher Learning Commission expects its affiliated institutions to comply with the Title IV requirements of the Higher Education Reauthorization Act as amended in 1998. M State has compiled a Federal Compliance Packet with documentation regarding the institution's program responsibilities for review and consideration for the HLC evaluators and M State stakeholders. The College will file its next Federal Compliance Packet to the Higher Learning Commission in 2020. M State also completes numerous compliance reports for state and federal agencies on an annual basis.


AQIP Action Projects

To meet continued accreditation requirements, M State is required to maintain three active Action Projects to record activities toward improvement. When a project is completed, another one will begin in its place. The knowledge and skills gained from past projects will aid in the selection, scope and definition of new projects. The College's current AQIP Action Projects include:

Assessment of Student Learning: Analyzing and Refining

New Student Orientation: From a One Time Event to an Ongoing Support Experience

Preparation for Nursing Accreditation Candidacy with NLN/CNEA

A proposed project is any outcome M State is committed to achieving that involves research, resources, collaborative input, and requires more than one action step to complete. All action projects are reviewed and approved by the AQIP Steering Committee and the President's Cabinet.

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