Rosengren Scholarship History

The Chester G. Rosengren and C. Jon Rosengren Scholarship Fund

Charles Jon Rosengren provided in his estate plan for the creation and funding of a scholarship program at the Fergus Area College Foundation, Fergus Falls, Minnesota, to be used for scholarships for students attending Minnesota State Community and Technical College - Fergus Falls, the successor to Fergus Falls Junior College and Fergus Falls Community College, to enable graduates of Fergus Falls High School to attend the college. Significant amounts of money will be available each year beginning in 2007.

Jon's Statement of Intention relative to this scholarship program states in part as follows:

"I desire that the Foundation grant scholarships to students who wish to attend the College who are graduates of
Fergus Falls High School. ..These scholarships should be provided to students who need financial assistance to be able to afford to go to college. Scholarships should be primarily for tuition and fees, but may also include living expenses. I do not desire to support the top students, who can find help elsewhere, or students who have not shown any academic motivation. I desire to support the students who have demonstrated some ability to succeed,
those who have shown some motivation and have done something to succeed in school. In other words, I want to assure an education to those who can benefit from a college education who have shown that they are willing to try.

"This scholarship fund ofthe Foundation shall be known as the 'Chester G. Rosengren and C. Jon Rosengren Scholarship Fund.' Any scholarship given to a member of any racial or ethnic minority shall be given in honor of my friend, Anthony Campbell, who is an African American.

"At some point, the funds available for the intended purpose will increase substantially, and might exceed the amount necessary for the intended purpose. Therefore, .. the Foundation ... shall have some discretion in administering these funds, including discretion to continue to support graduates of the College who are qualified to receive these scholarships as they move on to other educational institutions as upperclass persons."

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