Anthony Campbell Story

A Tribute to Friendship

Anthony (Tony) Campbell was born in Panama City, Florida in 1957. He graduated from Bay County High School in 1975 and met Jon in Minneapolis in 1989. Tony was working in the condo building when Jon needed someone to help him following his heart surgery. From that time on Tony and Jon became fast friends not only because of the care Tony provided to Jon but also because they both realized that two people from different backgrounds and different races could talk about issues, such as race relations, without becoming angry. The fact that they
both had a love of sports may also have contributed to the enduring friendship.

Tony says he will always be grateful to Jon for allowing him to share in a part of his wonderful life. Both Tony
and Jon believed that a person should only be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

Scholarships are awarded in recognition of Tony Campbell, a close friend of Jon's whose kind heart and hard work touched Jon deeply.

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