National Fire Academy Courses

Preparation for Initial Company Operations (PICO)

This course is designed to develop a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a Company Officer in preparing their company for incident operations. In addition, to clarify the transition from firefighter to company officer and the new roles relating to leadership and safety. This course is designed for company officers, acting company officers and senior firefighters responsible for the management of a single fire company at an emergency incident and those officers who are responsible for company readiness, personnel safety and leadership as it related to company operation.

NIMS - Incident Command Systems for the Fire Service

This course is designed to develop an understanding of the Incident Command System (ICS) and its application in both emergency and non-emergency situations. This course is for all first responders with responsibilities to use, deploy, implement and/or function within an ICS. This course is in compliance with the new NIMS Standards set forth by the Federal Government.

Incident Safety Officer

This course is designed to provide the company officer (CO) with the skills to function effectively as the safety officer at fire department incident operations.

Incident Command for Structural Collapse Incidents (ICSCI)

This course is designed to provide fire officers with an understanding of command operations at structural collapse incidents. Students attending should understand and be able to apply the Incident Command System (ICS) concept.

Training Operations in Small Departments

This course is designed to provide students with some basic tools and skills to coordinate training in a small fire/EMS organization. A training function in a smaller department typically may include conducting training drills and coordinating training with a nearby larger city or State training function.

Building Construction/Collapse I: Combustible

After completing this course, the student will have a basic understanding of how the construction type, alterations, design and materials influence a building's reaction to fire.

Health and Safety Officer

This course will enable the student to identify and analyze health and safety aspects that affect emergency responders in both emergency and non-emergency operations.

Strategy & Tactics for Initial Company Operations (STICO)

This course is designed to meet the needs of company officers responsible for managing the operations. The curriculum consists of 3 separate and independent courses: MCTO: Preparation; MCTO: Decisionmaking & STICO. STICO is designed to develop the management skills needed by company officers to accomplish assigned tactics at structure fires.

Leadership I: Strategies for Company Success

This course addresses techniques and approaches to problem solving, identifying and assessing the needs of a fire department officer's subordinates, running meetings effectively in the fire service environment, and decision-making for the fire department officer.

Leadership II: Strategies for Personal Success

This course addresses ethics, use and abuse of power at the company officer level, creativity in the fire service environment and managing the multiple role of the company officer.

Leadership III: Strategies for Supervisory Success

This course addresses when and how to delegate to subordinates, assessing personal leadership styles through situational leadership, when and how to discipline subordinates, and coaching / motivating techniques for the company officer.

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