Vehicle Extrication

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Vehicle Extrication

Basic Auto Extrication

This course will give the students the basic techniques to safely respond to and operate at an emergency scene involving an automobile type vehicle. Students will learn about the concepts of scene size-up, patient disentanglement and removal, and tool safety. This course will give students hands-on experience with various types of hydraulic equipment and hand tools.

Intermediate Auto Extrication

In the classroom, this course will cover proper scene safety and correct tool handling. An important part of this course will be to participate in hands-on scenarios such as vehicles on their sides, roofs and multiple vehicles. Students will demonstrate techniques for stabilization and patient disentanglement. All scenarios will be on flat ground.

Bus & Truck Extrication

This course will teach the rescuer proper techniques in the extrication of patients from buses and trucks.

New Vehicle Technology

Improvements in automobile design and safety in recent years have made it increasingly difficult for rescue personnel to stay current with the latest in automotive technologies. The same features that make occupants safer create additional challenges for responders. This presentation addresses automobile frame construction, supplemental restraint systems, side impact reinforcement bars, new body materials and hybrid & alternative fuel vehicles.

Vehicle Air Bag Safety

This course is designed for personnel that deal with rescues dealing with vehicles with restraint air bags.

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