From the 1970s

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From the 1970s

Some of my wonderful memories of FFCC days include: singing in the Madrigal group with amazingly talented people and the incomparable Geneva Eschweiler; playing Sabina in Thornton Wilder's "By the Skin of Our Teeth"; being directed by John Donohue in madrigals, choir, and theater performances. I also worked with Charles Beck, FFCC art instructor, at the Otter Tail County Historical Museum. Deb Lund - 1976 - AA Greenbank, Wash.

During my college days, I worked at the State Hospital in exchange for room and board - a most unique scholarship! Memories include wrestling for Roman Gail and Jerry Hess; playing baseball for Dave Retzlaff and taking hard throws at shortstop from 2nd baseman Bucky Burgau - a great time! I took a speech class and remember thinking it wasn't all that bad - I rather enjoyed it! Paul Walvatne - AA - 1970 Robbinsdale, Minn.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two years in Fergus Falls. Singing with the Madrigal singers. Playing Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls. Being a part of the Spartan baseball team. I think about my days in Fergus Falls often. John Foss - AA - 1973 Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

I enjoyed the Spartan pride that was evident at Fergus Falls Community College. The classes, the many activities and the people on the campus made it a wonderful experience! Karla (Giese) Schmiesing - MLT - 1979 Chokio, Minn.

FFCC was a great transition from a small high school to the large U of MN campus. I appreciated the individual attention from the teachers, small class size, and opportunity to explore music and drama. Laurie (Hanson) Whitehead - AA - 1975 Fergus Falls

In 1971-72, obtaining 15 credits in accounting helped me upgrade my office position at the time. I have been retired since 1986 but still sing the praises of our local college! Marjorie Scheidecker - 1972 Fergus Falls, MN

Going to the National PTK Honors Institute in Washington, D.C., with advisor Anne Siren. Singing at the National PTK convention in Rochester, MN. Marcie Panian and Mary Preus lighting up the stage with their singing and acting. The Madrigal Singers under the direction of Geneva Eschweiler. Homecoming Queen. Artist Mary Guttormson. Superb directors Lee Krogh and John Donahue. Good friend Terry Vraspir Liz Marvin Mueller - AA - 1973 St. James, MN

I remember in the fall of 1971, (during the Vietnam War) a bunch of us draft-eligible young men sitting in the commons. One by one, each one of us went to the wall phone and called the radio station to find out our lottery draft number. It was a very, very anxious time! Dennis Tomhave - AA - 1973 Brookings, SD

I was the only member of my immediate family to attend college in Fergus Falls. All of my children have attended FFCC at various times, and Amanda is continuing her education in Fargo. I enjoyed my first two years at FFCC very much. It did help prepare me for "the world." I came back in 1995 to further my education, working towards an MLT degree. My kids were all in school and it was not easy, but we made do. I really enjoyed my second time around because I felt I had to prove to myself that I wasn't too old to learn something new. I very much enjoy what I do now and the people I meet on an everyday basis. Candace Hanson Borgos - AA - 1973; AS, MLT - 1997 Elbow Lake, MN

Hal Leland was an extraordinary role model. Professor Krogh changed my life. Other influential teachers were Rod McKeag and John Donahue. I lived in the dorm at the State Hospital and did my work study there. What an experience! J. Reid Wahlin - AA - 1973 Erskine, MN 56535

FFSJC was a great way to transition from a small high school to college. In addition to giving me a great start to my education, it also gave me an opportunity to explore interests in music and drama. I have great memories of Madrigals, Mrs. E, Mr. Krogh, Alice in Wonderland, "The Beggar's Opera", chemistry study sessions, caramel rolls in the commons, and GREAT friends! Laurie Hanson Whitehead - AA - 1975 Moorhead, MN

My first year, academically, was a challenge. But the supportive staff helped me, I gained confidence, and my grades improved. I went on to earn a bachelor's degree and have enjoyed a career in my chosen profession. In addition, I developed some great friendships; which made the whole experience at FFSJC wonderful. Carol Smith Roehl - AA - 1973 Fergus Falls, MN

My most favorite event was participating in the musical, "Pirates of Penzance," where my best friend to this day, Sandy (Johnson) Davis played the lead. What a talented group - what fun! My least favorite memory was the icy and rutted overfill parking lot where I had my first car accident one cold winter day. Serving as Student Senate President was also a great experience. It prepared me for my career in government and diplomacy, the last 10 years of which have been with the U.S. Foreign Service. Kathy Ofstedal Panther - AA - 1972 Dumfries, VA

I was happy to go to FFCC (its name at the time). It was affordable and small. The job I held at the school taking stats and being involved with the sports programs is what I remember best. Meeting people and having a close-knit group of people made the transition from high school very rewarding. Susan Beers Midboe - AA - 1978 Carlos, MN

My pastor in Brainerd is alumni/classmate Dave Holte. I was a football and baseball player and treasure those relationships. The campus was comfortable. Harris (Hank) Hemquist - AA - 1973 Baxter, MN

Being on the football and baseball teams are my fondest memories. The small town atmosphere of FFSJC was fantastic. Neil Wothe - AA - 1973 Vergas, MN

I was a slow starter. Fergus Falls Junior College primed me. It seemed like Wes Waage was exceptional leading a very fine faculty. I am especially grateful to Geneva Eschweiler and Lee Krogh for believing in me. I am proud to be an alumnus of M State. Marcus Hess - AA - 1973 Cook, MN

Attending college and living in the Fergus Falls State Hospital simultaneously in 1967-68 is the most unique year of my life. It was also economical. Ralph Fiskness - AA - 1970 Moorhead, MN

Since 1976 to the present I have been working at the Pemberton Law Firm. I was recommended for the job by Mrs. Kratzke, who was one of my college teachers, and I owe her a big thank you for my job. Evangeline Strauch Johnson - General Secretarial - 1975 Fergus Falls, MN

I was fortunate to have been able to continue my passion of participating in athletics at Fergus Falls CC. I had the opportunity to participate in football, basketball and baseball. I had the privilege of playing for and learning from Dave Retzlaff, a great coach and an even better person. Larry TeBrake - AA - 1977 St. Peter, MN

My favorite instructor was Charlie Beck. Through training in his calligraphy class I painted the logo on the FFCC official van and signage for each of the buildings. I have two Charlie Beck prints in my home today. Roger Tomhave - AA - 1975 Fairfax, VA

Mr. Carroll Crouch taught my 8 am Western Civilization class. If he wasn't able to make a class he would call us at HOME that morning so we didn't have to come to school so early that day. That's a teacher who cares about his students!! Lori Johnson Beske - AA - 1979 Fergus Falls, MN

I was a "non-traditional age" student. An instructor once remarked "You 'older' students are here because you want to be here. The younger students are here because their parents want them here." FFCC-it was a very good school with wonderful instructors. Diane Alstead - Practical Nursing - 1978 Evansville, MN

Most memorable was attending the basketball games as part of "Rocky, Mugsy and de Gang." Greg Maack - AA - 1972 Indianapolis, IN

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