From the 1990s

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From the 1990s

I love the atmosphere and the energy at M State. I appreciated the instructors going "the extra mile" in making the experience of a non-traditional student a very pleasant one. Barb Miller - 1996 - RN Fergus Falls, Minn.

I have fond memories of the people who made my learning experience complete. I truly enjoyed English classes with Mr. Olsen and Mr. Carney. I challenged myself in biology and chemistry with Mr. Portmann and Mr. McKeag. I learned a lot about myself in psychology with Mrs. Rotto, and who could forget economics with Mr. Daley? Also, Adele in the Waage building was always so kind to me when I would pick up tickets for events in the theater. Naomi (Toso) Rajsky - AA 1991 Las Vegas, Nev.

Too many stories to tell. In addition to the usual first-time college experiences, I enjoyed playing in the jazz band, being a College Ambassador and participating in PTK with Louise Pugh. My work study job with Doris Rogers in the library faculty office gave me the opportunity to meet some wonderful faculty. I copied so many handouts for Ann Rotto's psychology classes that I decided to take a class myself to find out what it was all about ... and then I changed my major from biology (sorry, Ann Williams) to psychology!! FFCC will ALWAYS have a place in my heart! Thanks for providing a supportive environment for a person to grow and become more than they ever thought they could be! Maria (Struthers) Barlage - AA 1995 Princeton, Minn.

What a great college to find your way! The student body along with faculty was just an amazing experience. With my academic experience and my football experience, I learned many life lessons. I have life-long friends from FFCC that will never leave me, and that's what college should be about. From being part of Homecoming, to the football team, to going on the boundary waters trip, with "Mr. Green Jeans," it was a really great time. My favorite teacher was Mr. Paul Carney! I can still see him with his large iced tea from McDonald's, taking the lid off very carefully and taking sips all during class. He also taught me some life lessons during our time together. Back then, and today as I look back, there were many of us who wished FFCC was a four-year college so we could be together for a longer period of time! Greg Nathan - AA 1995 Fargo, N.D.

I was the only member of my immediate family to attend college in Fergus Falls. All of my children have attended FFCC at various times and Amanda is continuing her education in Fargo, ND. I enjoyed my first two years at FFCC very much. It did help prepare me for "the world." I came back in 1995 to further my education, working towards an MLT degree. My kids were all in school and it was not easy but we made do. I really enjoyed my second time around because I felt I had to prove to myself that I wasn't too old to learn something new. I very much enjoy what I do now and the people I meet on an everyday basis. Candace Hanson Borgos - AA - 1973; AS, MLT - 1997 Elbow Lake, Minn.

I really enjoyed meeting so many people, having the smaller class sizes, working in the student services office and attending so many sporting events. Charlene Brasel Norton - AA - 1992 New York Mills, Minn.

My fondest memories of FFCC are from my one year on the baseball team and Coach Kent Bothwell! Of all the coaches and instructors I've had over the years, Coach Bothwell was by far the most influential. His belief and trust in all of his players and positive attitude is always something that stuck with me! His love for the game of baseball and his athletes was obvious! Chad Ruzek - AA - 1999 Princeton, Minn.

I just remember FFCC being a great place to start college. People and faculty were really nice and helpful and caring. Liza Newman McCaslin - AA - 1994 Callaway, Minn.

Really enjoyed the smaller class sizes and the ability to build relationships with the instructors and other students. It was the perfect college to start at and then transition to a four-year college. I also loved hanging out with my buddies. Joseph Rosenberger - AA - 1997 Melrose, Minn.

Winning the 1997-1998 Men's Basketball National Championship. Thomas Chatman - AA - 1998 Brooklyn Park, Minn.

My two favorite teachers hands down were Ann Rotto and Geneva Eschwelier. Mrs. Rotto impacted my life in a way that changed who I was and is directly responsible for who I am today. Ms. Eschweiler continues to impact me today with all she taught me years ago in music as it is so much a part of my life today. Heather Rousseau Kurth - AA - 1991 Waukesha, Wis.

Fergus Falls was great. I loved the small classes and the opportunity to get to know the instructors and fellow students. I would have stayed at Fergus Falls if it was a four year college. Candice Alcott Sellin - AA - 1998 Moorhead, Minn.

My favorite memory is beating Normandale Community College in football in 1994. It was a great game and down to the last minute. Also meeting new friends and staying very close to them still today. Nathan Rooney - AA - 1995 Perham, Minn.

I remember the 1997-1998 Boys Basketball run to the National Championship. I was very good friends with all the guys on the team and remember how packed the FFCC gym was for the games. It was so packed that people were arriving at the games 2 hours early and standing in line out the doors. It was great to see such support for a little community college in the middle of Minnesota. Nathan Schwieters - AA - 1999 Annandale, Minn.

Dr. Daly was my favorite instructor. I also enjoyed Dr. Wika. FFCC was a great experience. I would not have gotten this far (Executive Director, FM Metropolitan Council of Governments) without you. Thanks!! Wade Kline - AA - 1996 Fargo, ND

Instructor Arlin Nikolas and "oobies" (out of body experiences), my great advisor Ann Williams, and my great coaches Lloyd Danzeisen and Mark Aho. Adam Steege - AA - 1994 Hancock, Minn.

Love my memories as a Spartan. I enjoyed my professors greatly. It was the best choice I made in my education. SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) gave me some of my most fond memories of my college career. It was a great education with very little school loans. Tonya Meyer Johnson - AA - 1995 Wheat Ridge, Colo.

The 94-95 Men's basketball team made it to the National Junior College Basketball Tournament in Delhi, New York, and I was fortunate enough to accompany them out there. That was some team! Randy Stich - AA - 1996 Albany, Minn.

I began college in Fergus the fall of 1993. I grew a lot in those two years at FFCC. I made many wonderful life-long friends and have been fortunate to reunite with many others over the years. My instructors could not have been better. Whether they were a shoulder for a homesick student her first week of class (Mrs. Pugh), the reason to set off on my journey to Europe (Mr. McDonald) or the crazy "Mr. Green Jeans" (Mr. Hess), who convinced a group of college kids to jump off a 50 foot cliff into freezing water below in Outdoor Aquatic Recreation, they were some of the most caring individuals I have met in my life. My time as a student in Fergus will always be a source of fond memories. Tina Salo Bartels - AA - 1995 New York Mills, Minn

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