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Scholarship Recipients Announced

May 2013

WACF scholarships were recently awarded to: Jenessa Bock, Brainerd (Cosmetology); Shannon Boe, Bluffton (Liberal Arts); Samantha Buchholz, Wadena (Medical Administrative Assistant); Laura Cassady, Brainerd (Nursing); Huong Chann, St. Cloud (Pharmacy Technology); Eric DeWitt, Sebeka (ELW);Troy Green, Breckenridge (ELW); Michael Grewe, Hewitt (ELW); Christina Holmberg, Motley (Nursing); Benjamin Hoyt, Effie (ELW-Baudette); Melissa Klever, Dent (Construction Electricity); Brianna Miles, Staples (Cosmetology); Logan Mistic, Bemidji (ELW); Shane Motschenbacher, Wadena (Construction Electricity); Joey Price, Wadena (Construction Electricity); Cassandra Schneider, Garfield (Nursing); Jakki Sjobeck, Parkers Prairie (Nursing); Travis Vatthauer, Crookston (ELW); Doreen Vick, Deer Creek (Cosmetology); and Lindsey Wesen, Alexandria (Cosmetology).



Student Testimonials

Congratulations to all the students who received a Wadena Area College Foundation Scholarship. Below are testimonials about how much the scholarship award means to them.

Huong Chann

Huong Chann


Huong Chann

I am extremely happy and proud to receive a scholarship from Wadena Area College Foundation. This scholarship has lightened my financial burden and will allow me to focus more on the most important aspects of school, and it also encouraged me to receive excellent grades from classes I have been taking. This scholarship also urges me to keep going to school.

I am joyful that I have been selected as a recipient of a WACF Scholarship. Therefore, this scholarship encourages me to have another goal, which is to continue to a nursing program as soon as my current program (Pharmacy Technology) is finished in the upcoming year.

In addition, WACF's generosity has inspired me to help other students and to give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help other students achieve their goals just as WACF has helped me.

I really appreciate WACF's generosity by providing this scholarship. Thank you very much for taking time to offer this scholarship.

Michael Grewe

Michael Grewe


Student Testimonial - Michael Grewe

I applied for a scholarship as an Electrical Lineworker student and was so excited to learn that I was chosen! As a result of this, I am looking forward to reaching my goal in pursuing my career in this field. There are so many students that want to pursue their dream and the funding of a scholarship like I am receiving can help them further their education and help them achieve their goals. It is very important for students to know about scholarships that are offered at the college they want/plan to attend and take advantage of the opportunity to apply for funding.


Student Testimonial - Eric DeWitt

This scholarship is important as it gives me the opportunity to return to school. I know with the help of this scholarship, I will be able to continue my education to make a better life for my family.


Joey Price

I feel like this scholarship means that M State is willing to help anyone who is even thinking about attending M State. This makes me feel that no matter what I do, someone does appreciate it, and it shows when you receive a scholarship. Scholarships like this are important as it is funding that you didn't have and helps with the expenses of school. It is also important because filling out an application allows you to be eligible for other scholarships.


Shane Motschenbacher

Receiving this scholarship means everything to me. It means I can further my education a bit easier. It means my tools, books and some tuition are paid for. This scholarship is very important to me and other students because, when you have to pay for everything on your own, it is very appreciated.

When I received the letter in the mail, my eyes lit up, and when I opened the letter, my eyes got even bigger. This is a great honor, and I am very thankful to be able to receive it. Thank you!


Samantha Buchholz

Prior to receiving a scholarship from WACF, it had always been my assumption that the only people who received scholarships were 4.0 students, student government presidents or those who were super-involved in school activities. I know now that my thoughts on scholarships were very wrong. Anyone can receive a scholarship, but the first step is believing in yourself and knowing that you are worth it. The second step is completing the application and submitting it. The saying is true, "You won't know until you try."

My parents could not be happier that I am the first person in our immediate family to go to college. However, with the economy being where it is today, they are not financially able to contribute to my education. Therefore, it is my sole responsibility to fund my education. I chose to apply for a scholarship because I do not want to be burdened by large amounts of student loans. With the scholarship that I have received from WACF, I will be able to put the funds toward my tuition or pay for books to lessen my debt load upon graduation.


Logan Mistic

I really appreciate that I was selected for this scholarship of $1,000. I think it is really great that M State and the Wadena area have this foundation to help students pay for college. I am planning on paying for my schooling by myself, so receiving this scholarship means a lot. I hope that the Wadena Area College Foundation is able to continue to give out these scholarships to other students who are in need.

Mitchel Roberts

Mitchel Roberts


Mitchel Roberts

Receiving a scholarship from WACF is going to help me tremendously. This will help me get a college education for electrical lineman and have less debt when finished. I'm sure this story applies to other students in the same situation. When I am finished with school and have a job, I would like to give back to the foundation. This scholarship changes my life for the best and for other students as well. It makes my life and and the lives of the others who receive the scholarship a little bit better.

Courtney Dahlin

Courtney Dahlin


Courtney Dahlin

At the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) banquet in April, I was chosen to receive a scholarship from M State - Wadena. When they called my name, I felt like one of the luckiest girls in Minnesota. I think scholarships can boost confidence in students. It's the one way to prove all your hard work and effort have paid off. It also makes students feel that the college itself is behind them 100 percent of the way. At least that is how I feel. After I got my scholarship, I felt so proud that the school has confidence in my ability to succeed. By building confidence in students, colleges help prepare students for a higher education after high school. I am very fortunate to have received this scholarship from M State.

Troy Green

Troy Green


Troy Green

I want to let people know that scholarships are a very important part of my school year. I am a dislocated worker and going from a full-time employee to unemployment is a part of life you can never prepare for. I was in shock when I was told my job was done in a month. I needed to make a choice, and I felt school was what I needed to better my life. It was a struggle finding the funds to attend school and drive to and from with gas prices. At times I was ready to give up, but I stuck it out and am very happy I have two semesters left to obtain my AAS Electrical Line Worker degree. This will be much appreciated. Thanks for making my decision to improve my chances at beginning a new life with a new job when I graduate in 2014.


Shannon Boe

This is the first scholarship I have ever received, and I didn't know that I could. But the front office personnel told me I should try. It is a heavy sacrifice for my whole family for me to go to school, but it's also a blessing, and a scholarship helps the burden financially and secures my position as a student. It helps me believe I can follow through with my goals. Anything that helps pay for school is a blessing, especially because I rely on financial aid and that is very expensive. It helps to ease my mind that I am doing all I can responsibly, and it makes it possible for me to reach my goals and return the favor after an awesome education.


Doreen Vick

I am truly grateful! This could not have come at a better time. My schooling is for my future, and anything that can help me accomplish my goals and brighten my future is GREAT news. Thank you, Lake Region Electric Cooperative, for helping me achieve my goals.

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