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Honors Program

Are you a motivated, academically successful student who is looking for a challenging intellectual experience? The Honors Program on the Fergus Falls campus enables you to earn academic recognition and gain the benefits of honors status, whether you're transferring to a four-year institution or entering into a career after graduation.


Who is eligible for the Honors Program?

New students or PSEO students are eligible if they meet one of these requirements:

  • Earn a composite ACT score of 24, with a minimum of 22 in math and English, or
  • Attain a high school GPA of 3.75 and earn placement into college-level English and math.

Continuing students are eligible for continued participating in the Honors Program if they:

  • Maintain a college GPA of 3.5
  • Participate in an annual review by the dean of academic affairs

Interested students should complete the Student Honors Contract Option Registration form below and return it to their advisors.


Benefits for Honors Students

By participating in the Honors Program, students have the opportunity to challenge themselves academically and connect with fellow students who share that same goal. As a student in the Honors Program, you will find that honors courses and programs:

  • Offer advantages as you apply for scholarships, internships and grants.
  • Provide opportunities for intellectual, professional and personal growth.
  • Allow you to work closely with instructors and highly motivated fellow students.
  • Are recognized and valued by other colleges and universities.

Honors Courses

Honors 1101: During your first semester in the program, you will enroll in Honors 1101, a variable-content reading course that emphasizes critical thinking and is directed toward the academic interests of the faculty and students.

Contracting for Honors: You will use this option to complete Honors-level work in three non-Honors courses (chosen from the college curriculum) by creating and fulfilling Honors contracts with course instructors.

Honors Capstone Seminar 2900: This course, taken during the final semester of the program, is also a variable content reading course. In addition, as part of the course you will present a completed capstone Honors project.

The necessary forms for Honors contracts and registering intent to offer Honors credit are available on the Forms page.


Joining the Honors Program

For more information on becoming part of the Honors Program, contact your advisor or the Dean of Academic Affairs.

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