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It's Your Turn to Learn!

Tell us how we can best serve you. If you already have college credits, scroll down to learn more and don't forget to fill out the online contact form to get started with your enrollment consultant. If you don't have college credits, click on the "I don't have college credits . . ." link to get started with the admissions process.

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Your Enrollment Consultant

I'm Ashley, your enrollment consultant. We at M State are excited that you're interested in coming back to college. With more than 120 programs, M State is your flexible, affordable and personal option for higher education. If you started college but didn't finish, it's your turn to learn.

Get started by filling out this contact form and you will hear from me within two business days.


Ready to Apply?

Do you know that you're ready to apply and come back to school? Great! We'll help you get started.

I attended M State in the past or one of it's previous affiliates Northwest Technical College (NTC) or Fergus Falls Community College (FFCC).

I attended college before but not at M State or one of its previous affiliates Northwest Technical College (NTC) or Fergus Falls Community College (FFCC).



We know that it might seem daunting to consider coming back to college, but we assure you that we're here to help. Here is a list of frequently asked questions to get you started.


Dates to Know

Registration Events:

  • December 11 - Fergus Falls Campus
  • December 14 - 1Stop2Enroll at Moorhead Campus
  • December 18 - Wadena Campus
  • December 20 - Detroit Lakes Campus

January 3: Admissions Deadline

January 14: Spring Semester Begins

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