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  • Success is up2U

    up2U is an incentive-based program that supports learning and successful university transfer.

Success is up2U

Success is up2U


What's up with up2U?

Welcome to M State! You've reached this web page because you're interested in signing up to participate in the up2U program, a competency-based transfer tuition reduction program designed to prepare you for success at M State and beyond.

up2U is a unique program designed to support learning and motivate students to persist toward university transfer and degree completion. The program also offers significant tuition savings at an up2U partner university.

  • Research shows that 71 percent of students who complete a two-year degree and transfer to a university earn a degree within four years. up2U motivates students to complete a two-year degree, transfer to university and earn a university degree, all within four years.
  • The average amount of student loan debt incurred by university graduates is $29,000. up2U provides tuition savings at an up2U partner university, thus reducing the amount of student loan debt and its lingering burden on students.
  • Only 30 percent of students who begin their studies at a community college go on to complete a degree within two years. up2U provides not only an incentive for students to complete a degree but also targeted academic interventions to support learning.
  • Today's employers are looking for employees who can think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. up2U supports students in developing and mastering these skills considered essential for access to and success in the workplace.


Is up2U for you?

Students who wish to participate in up2U and save on tuition costs must:

  • Enroll in at least 9 credits at M State and continuously maintain at least a 2.5 GPA from entry through completion
  • Just prior to completion at M State, take the CLA+ performance task assessment
  • Upon completion at M State, enroll as a full-time student at an up2U partner university for the successive semester
  • Continuously maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during full-time enrollment at the up2U partner university
  • * Only new students enrolling at M State are eligible to participate in up2U. Current or transfer students are not eligible for the program.

How much savings in university tuition will I be eligible to receive?

At the core of the program is a significant tuition savings for first year of full-time enrollment at MSUM. Your tuition savings will be based on the leveraging between the cumulative GPA and competency demonstrated on the College Learning Assessment + (CLA+) performance task. Students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher through completion at M State are eligible to participate in up2U. The amount of tuition savings is based partially on the student's performance on the CLA+. Competency levels demonstrated on the CLA+ augment, validate or offset the student's cumulative GPA upon completion of an M State degree or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.


up2U Fall 2015 Orientation Session Campus Locations

The registration deadline is Friday, August 28. After selecting an orientation session, please register from the drop-down menu below. Thank you.


8/31/15, 2 pm in S436

9/1/15, 10 am in S436


9/2/15, 11 am in C121

9/2/15, Noon in C121


9/2/15, 2 pm in C103


9/3/15, 1 pm in S38


9/1/15, 5 or 7 pm

9/3/15, 5 or 7 pm

*Students who sign up for a webinar will receive a link to join the webinar in an email.


up2U Registration and Orientation

If you are ready to enroll in the up2U program, select a campus below to register for orientation. After you have RSVP'd for an orientation date, you will receive an email notification indicating your acceptance status in the program and confirming your orientation date.

*Reminder: Only new students enrolling at M State are eligible to participate in up2U. Current or transfer students are not eligible for the program.

Select your Campus:

Detroit Lakes
Fergus Falls
eCampus (Webex session)