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Business & Entrepreneurial Services at M State - Detroit Lakes

M State - Detroit Lakes has developed a program to educate and empower entrepreneurs in the lakes area of Minnesota. The Detroit Lakes campus is the primary higher education institution for Becker, Mahnomen and Hubbard counties. It is the only higher education institution offering post-secondary education opportunities in this tri-county area. M State has recognized the need for economic development and revitalization in this area, and we believe the key to moving people out of poverty is education.

The college has seen a trend of many of its currents students and recent graduates wanting to start their own business. They have the desire to create and operate businesses rather than work for someone else. This trend has motivated a number of two- and four-year colleges nationwide to develop and implement entrepreneurial programs. An entrepreneurship program at M State - Detroit Lakes, which is articulated with existing secondary and university programs, would help to keep many of the high school graduates in these particular communities while contributing to the economic development of the area.


What We Offer

Our center offers physical office space with affordable terms to small business owners and entrepreneurs, a research library, business counseling and on-site shared business services including conference room, teleconferencing, shared office equipment and support.


Our Commitment

M State's Business & Entrepreneurial Services is committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities for businesses and individuals in the Minnesota lakes area. We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients and helping them deliver powerful solutions that increase their success and generate real results.


For More Information

Business & Entrepreneurial Services
900 Hwy 34 East
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Business & Entrepreneurial Services Center
218.844.5423 FAX

GL Tucker, Nicole Ballard, and Bryan Christensen

GL Tucker, Nicole Ballard, and Bryan Christensen


BES Staff

GL Tucker - Dean of Custom Training and Business & Entrepreneurial Services

Bryan Christensen - Director for Business & Entrepreneurial Services

Nicole Ballard - Administrative Assistant for Business & Entrepreneurial Services

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