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Policy and Procedures

The Nursing Policy and Procedure Manual is updated periodically. The most current version will always be located here. When changes are made, students will be notified via announcement on course D2L News Pages and via email.


Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI)

ATI is a Comprehensive Assessment and Review Program that is integrated into all Nursing program courses. The package includes access to computer modules, content review, lab skills and a live NCLEX Review Course delivered at each campus at the end of the program.

Fees for ATI are attached to courses within the nursing curriculum. ATI determines the fees assessed. Students repeating a course where the ATI fee is assessed will have the fee waived by contacting the director of nursing or course faculty.


Nursing Appeals and Progression

The Nursing Appeals and Progression Council reviews nursing appeals, requests for taking nursing courses on other M State Campuses and assists students with progression if they get out of sequence. The council meets monthly during the academic year. The council does not meet during times when program faculty are not on contract (such as during semester breaks, spring break, holidays, weekends and summer).

Students wishing to present their appeal should email the council chair, Pat Ahlschlager at Pat.Ahlschlager@minnesota.edu. All meetings are online; instructions will be sent to students on how to join meetings as requested. Students requesting to be present will need high-speed Internet and phone access in a private area.

Students submitting an appeal will complete the College Appeal Form.

Students requesting transfer to another campus or help with progression will complete the Revised Plan of Study form. Please make sure that all required attachments are attached in order for your request to be considered. Please be sure to include all remaining courses in your plan, not just the next semester. Your advisor can help you!

Only appeals and Revised Plans of Study submitted three (3) business days prior to the meeting date will be considered.

Decisions are communicated in writing to students using their M State student email account.

Summer and Fall 2014 Meeting and Due Dates to be determined

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