• Let's Collaborate for Students

    M State created these five K-12 Collaboration programs to be offered in the high school. We recognize our role as a partner and a leader in education, and preparing youth for a successful college and career pathway is our priority.

  • Get Ready for College

    The Center for College Readiness connects college instructors with high school students to provide the students direct feedback about their college readiness skills in writing, reading and math.

  • Concurrent Enrollment

    M State works with more than 30 partner high schools to provide college-level courses through the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

  • eCampus in the High School

    eCampus in the High School provides partner high schools and their students with access to online college-level courses in several goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and technical course options.


Career Exploration

M State licensed counselors work with high school counselors and teachers to develop individualized career counseling activities and workshops based on the unique needs of each high school.

Tools we can use:
• HumanMetrics (Myers-Briggs Information)
GPS Lifeplan
• PayDay game: (Using PayDay candy bars to discuss salaries for various programs M State)

These personality and interest tests help your students learn about themselves and guide them into a successful and promising future.

*Students are also invited to attend our on-campus Career Exploration Workshops!


Personal Learning Plans

Planning for Students' Successful Transition to Postsecondary Education and Employment

Minnesota legislation requires all students, starting in 9th grade, to have a "plan" around seven key elements. This plan should include:

  • Academic Scheduling
  • Career Exploration
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Community Partnerships
  • College Access
  • All Forms of Post-Secondary Training
  • Experiential Learning Opportunities

M State is here to help!

  • M State GPS LifePlan - Helps students set goals and design plans that will lead them to success! This is a flexible program for students of all ages and at all stages.
  • Minnesota Department of Education Toolkit - Resources in all seven required areas, as well as strategies and partnerships that can help districts implement the directive

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