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Concurrent Enrollment Timeline


FALL Semester


SPRING Semester Preparation

The assessment process begins.

December 1

October 1

Grading packets sent to high school for teachers to submit final grades.

December 15

May 1

Email sent to high school counselors asking for proposed course offerings.

February 1

September 15

Final semester grades are due.

February 10

June 10

Deadline for counselors to send back course confirmations.

April 15

October 15

Priority deadline for assessment completion.

Registration packets mailed/emailed to counselors.

May 1

May 1

November 15

December 1

Deadline for counselors to return completed registration packets.

May 31

December 15

Class lists and library cards are mailed to high school counselors.

August 15

January 15


Drop and Withdraw

A student must drop a class within the first five (5) business days of a semester to avoid receiving a "W" (withdraw) on their permanent transcript. No entry will be made on the student's academic record if a course is dropped within the first five (5) business days of a semester.

A student must withdraw from a course no later than the date on which eighty percent (80%) of the days in the academic semester have elapsed. A full semester course dropped after five (5) business days and before 80 percent (80%) of the semester has elapsed will appear on the student's record as a withdraw (W). Should the student withdraw after 80 percent (80%) of the course has elapsed - a letter grade "F" will appear on their permanent transcript.

Fall Withdraw Deadline

Spring Withdraw Deadline

Trimester Courses

Tri 1- Nov. 1

Tri 2 - Jan. 31

Tri 3 - May 2

Semester Courses

November 27

April 22

Year Long Courses

February 27

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