College-wide Core Abilities

These college-wide core abilities serve as the foundation for education at M State.

A. Demonstrate effective communication


  1. Learner writes clearly, concisely and accurately in appropriate context and format.
  2. Learner speaks clearly, concisely and accurately in a variety of contexts and formats.
  3. Learner comprehends written and verbal communication.

B. Demonstrate critical thinking


  1. Learner draws conclusions based on evidence.
  2. Learner distinguishes between facts, fallacies, inferences and judgments.
  3. Learner considers multiple perspectives in problem solving.

C. Demonstrate quantitative and logical reasoning


  1. Learner performs computations using appropriate methods.
  2. Learner demonstrates numerical and logical reasoning.

D. Demonstrate personal and social responsibility


  1. Learner demonstrates personal integrity and professional ethical practices.
  2. Learner demonstrates respect for the rights, views and work of others.
  3. Learner demonstrates personal accountability.
  4. Learner demonstrates multicultural and global awareness.
  5. Learner demonstrates the ability to work in a team.

E. Demonstrate effective use of information technology


  1. Learner applies technology to create solutions.
  2. Learner uses technology to communicate.

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