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    M State is happy to offer resources for high school counselors to help students succeed.


Who is Eligible to Apply?

Senior students must have a 2.8 GPA, and junior students must have a 3.2 GPA to be eligible to apply to the Concurrent Enrollment program.


Accuplacer and ACT

We want students to be successful in the classroom, and the Accuplacer assessment test and ACT scores allow us to place students in appropriate-level coursework. Every student who would like to enroll in a concurrent course must complete the Accuplacer, unless he or she has a qualifying ACT score in math (22 or higher) and reading (21 or higher).

The Accuplacer is a Web-based assessment that evaluates academic abilities in reading, writing and mathematics. The Accuplacer is not a pass/fail test and does not have a time limit.

The Accuplacer Process

  • Students fill out the "Student Application & Request to Test" form.
  • Completed forms are scanned or faxed to M State with each student's high school transcript.
  • You will receive a spreadsheet back in approximately one week with student IDs and testing instructions.
  • Students take the test online. On average, students take 2-4 hours to complete the test.
  • A final scores spreadsheet will be emailed to you indicating if the student has passed, did not pass but is eligible to retest, or did not pass and did not score high enough to retest.

To schedule Accuplacer testing for your students, contact Erin Warren, 218.736.1569, erin.warren@minnesota.edu

Accuplacer Resources:


Academic Progress


The college evaluates student satisfactory academic progress after each term. If a student has not met either the college's GPA or completion percentage standard, the student will be placed on warning status for one evaluation period.

GPA Minimum Requirements:

  • 0-5 credits - 0.00
  • 6-23 credits - 1.75
  • 24 or more credits - 2.00

Minimum Required Completion:

  • 0-5 credits - 0 percent
  • 6-23 credits - 58 percent
  • 24 or more credits - 66.6 percent

Students on warning status are eligible to continue taking concurrent courses. If at the end of the warning period the student meets both the cumulative GPA and completion percentage, the warning status is ended and the student is returned to good standing. If at the end of the warning period a student has not met the requirements, the student shall be suspended and not able to register for one calendar year unless he or she appeals the suspension. Click here to find out more in the student handbook. Please note that a student's academic standing at M State is in effect at all colleges and universities in the MnSCU system.


Transcript Requests


Visit the M State Forms page and click on "Transcript Request" under the "Graduation and Transfer" heading. You will need to have the most recent version of Java to use the form and an electronic signature is required. Your request will be processed within 72 hours.


If you are applying to another institution within the MnSCU system, you do NOT need to request a transcript online because the college or university will have access to your MnSCU eTranscript.

Not sure if the school you are applying to is part of MnSCU? Click here to find out.

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