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up2U and Students

up2U is a unique program designed to support learning and motivate students to persist toward university transfer and degree completion. The program also offers tuition savings during the first year at the transfer university.

Students who wish to participate in up2U and receive a transfer tuition savings must:

  • Enroll in at least nine credits at M State and continuously maintain at least a 2.5 GPA from entry through completion during no more than six consecutive semesters
  • Take the CLA+ performance task assessment upon completion at M State
  • Prior to completion at M State, enroll in classes as a full-time student at an up2U partner university for the successive semester
  • Continuously maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during enrollment at an up2U partner university

* Only new students enrolling at M State are eligible to participate in up2U. Current or transfer students are not eligible for the program.

The amount of university tuition savings is based on your cumulative GPA and your performance on the CLA+.

Learn more about the up2U program by completing an interest form.


Fall 2014 up2U Performance Task Workshops

This fall M State is offering a series of performance task workshops designed to support up2U students in developing and mastering the core skills measured by the CLA+. All up2U students are encouraged to attend one workshop in September and one workshop in October.

For more information on the performance task workshops, contact Katie Trombley at Katie.trombley@Minnesota.edu


Fall 2014 CLA+ Testing Dates, Times and Locations

To maintain eligibility status, all up2U students must take the CLA+ performance task during the fall testing window [October 22 - 28]. Please review the schedule below and notify Paul Carney, up2U Program Director, of your preferred test date, time and location. paul.carney@minnesota.edu

Last modified: September 9th, 2014 at 07:18am