up2U and Two-Year Colleges

We know that …

  • Only 30 percent of students who begin their studies at a two-year college go on to complete a degree within two years. up2U provides not only an incentive for students to complete a degree but also targeted academic interventions that support learning.

But, we also know that …

  • 71 percent of students who complete a two-year degree and transfer to a university earn a degree within four years. up2U motivates students to complete a two-year degree, transfer to university and earn a university degree, all within four years.
  • Today's employers are looking for employees who can think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. up2U supports students in developing and mastering these skills, considered essential for access to and success in the workplace.

up2U is a unique program designed to support learning and motivate students to persist toward completion. To encourage student persistence, the program offers a scholarship award for a student's junior year at an up2U transfer university. The amount of university tuition savings is based on the student's cumulative GPA and his or her score on the CLA+.

Learn more about how your college can become an up2U partner two-year college by completing the interest form.

Last modified: July 8th, 2015 at 02:50pm