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College Publications

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Annual Report

This publication is created annually to provide constituents, stakeholders, the public and community members with information on college performance and future potential.

Annual Report 2013-2014

Annual Report 2012-2013

Annual Report 2011-2012


College Catalog

This publication provides information and an official record of the programs and services available at M State for potential and current students. This publication is also used by faculty and staff who advise students to determine preparedness for graduation and by accreditation agencies and other interested persons.

Disclaimer Re: Online Catalog

The purpose of the online catalog is to provide users with a convenient, paperless vehicle for viewing information about M State's programs, courses and other student service and academic functions. While M State is committed to communicating in a timely and accurate manner, it is important for all users to understand that this online publication is not intended to create any guarantees about current practices or program/course offerings. M State reserves the right to change or vary the content of this online publication, without notice to current or potential users, when in its sole discretion such changes, updates or variations are warranted. It is the user's responsibility to seek clarification and/or assistance from a college advisor or administrator regarding any content questions. The most current publication of M State's online catalog supersedes all prior print or online publications.


Minnesota State Community and Technical College Magazine

In the fall of 2013, M State launched a magazine which highlights the progress and success of the college. This publication combines college and campus new with updates from M State's respective Foundations. It is published twice annually in the fall and spring. If you would like to contribute a story idea, please contact the college's Communications Specialist.

M State Publications


Student Handbook

This publication is created annually to provide resources to current students, faculty and staff about college policies, procedures, student life, college opportunities, rights and responsibilities, and other topics regarding academics, transportation, housing, health and safety, conduct and student success.

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