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Technology Fee Guidelines

Colleges and universities may establish a policy to charge a fee to students for the acquisition, upgrading and/or maintenance of technology for academic and student support activities that provide or enhance student access to technology. Academic and student support activities include but are not limited to technology infrastructure, computer labs, wireless networks, ongoing technology support, and software licensing.

A technology fee advisory committee shall exist for each college or university. A majority of the committee members shall be students. The campus student association(s) shall appoint the student members of the technology fee advisory committee. Prior to making recommendations to the College Chief Information Officer, the technology fee advisory committee will present the recommendations to the campus student association(s) for advice and recommendation. The campus student association(s) and the Chief Information Officer shall jointly determine a schedule for the technology fee advisory committee to ensure that the plan and budget for the technology fee will be completed for action prior to the end of the spring semester. The college or university shall provide the necessary background materials in advance to the technology fee advisory committee

The Chief Information Officer shall review any modifications to the recommendation with the campus student association(s) and the technology fee advisory committee prior to the implementation for that year.

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