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Information Technology is committed to providing technical support to the faculty, staff and students of MState. In order to fulfill that committment, it is critical that we establish common standards for both hardware and software.

The hardware standards for students can be found on the Degree and Program pages. Due to the changing nature of curriculum, software, and course offering sequencing, the college will not endorse alternate specifications. Students interested in using alternate specifications are strongly advised to consider the numerous changing variables that may affect their computing needs throughout their program of study, prior to purchasing or leasing an alternate specification. Limited IT resources may result in not possessing adequate computer and software resources.

The hardware requirements for faculty and staff are a windows based PC, unless an alternate model is needed for a specific program or business need. All faculty and staff computer hardware purchases must consult their campus CHC and follow the Technology Purchasing, procedures before making any purchases.

ITS has established a relationship with Dell and Apple to provide the campus with the lowest prices and free shipping. For more information click on these links, Dell Member Purchase Program or Apple Education Purchase Program Minimum standards should be considered when purchasing a computer. Users should expect to purchase a unit that will meet their needs and for the next 4 years.

Last modified: August 22nd, 2016 at 03:16pm