Associate of Fine Arts

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Associate of Fine Arts

Enroll in one of these exciting Associate of Fine Arts degrees.


Pursue a path of musical theory and application with seamless transition to a four-year music degree and be better prepared for a degree and/or career in music.

Theatre Arts

M State's AFA in Theatre Arts combines rigorous academic study with hands-on experience in theatrical production and performance.

Visual Art

Enhance the skills needed to develop into a professional artist, and obtain the necessary coursework to transfer for advanced studies in art.


Power of You

M State's Power of You provides two years of tuition-free college for up to 100 area high school graduates, allowing them to transfer to a four-year college or university or enter the workforce with no student debt.

Using scholarship funds contributed by community donors, POY scholarships pay for all tuition costs that are not covered by state and federal grants.

Priority consideration is given to students pursuing Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Fine Arts transfer degrees.

Students from specific high schools are eligible for scholarships on each of our campuses. To see whether you're eligible, visit ourPOY web page or call 877.450.3322. POY scholarships are based on financial need and other eligibility requirements.

Last modified: April 28th, 2016 at 10:56am