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M State CEP Registration Process

  1. High school student applies to M State Concurrent Enrollment Program on the Student App and Request to Test Form.
  2. Student takes the Accuplacer assessment test or counselor submits proof of eligible ACT scores. See ACT and Accuplacer Score Guide.
  3. M State's CEP staff sends high school counselor a spreadsheet of eligible and ineligible students.
  4. Once the high school has confirmed their CEP courses, a class list registration form is emailed to the counselor.
  5. The high school counselor lists eligible students on the registration form (must use M State's forms) and submits it to M State's associate registrar. The associate registrar verifies student eligibility and officially registers students in CEP courses.
  6. Counselors mailed official class lists to review for accuracy and must contact the associate registrar with any changes. If a student is not on the official class list after the drop/add deadline, they will not receive credit for the course. Concurrent instructors should also check class lists for accuracy via D2L Brightspace.

Visit the concurrent enrollment Process Timeline for important dates and deadlines regarding the registration process.

Class sizes cannot exceed the course cap due to faculty contractual rules that the college must follow. If the number of students is too large to fit in one class, another section will be added.

Program Eligibility

High school senior students must have a 2.8 GPA, and junior students must have a 3.2 GPA to be eligible to apply to M State's Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Accuplacer/ACT Score Requirements - In addition to qualifying GPAs, students must also meet the required assessment scores (Accuplacer or ACT). Every student who would like to enroll in a concurrent course must complete the Accuplacer, unless he/she has a qualifying ACT score in math (22 or higher), reading (21 or higher) and English (18 or higher).

Accuplacer Reading - 78 or higher
ACT Reading - 21 or higher
ACT English - 18 or higher

*Math scores vary based on the math course prerequisites.

*Specific course prerequisites can be found in the M State course outlines.

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