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Housing & Residential Life Student Guidebook

M State OHRL welcomes you to our on campus community, where you will make new friends and enjoy new experiences.

We hope you make this year a memorable one. To ensure that we do, we need to establish the ground rules for living on campus. We recognize and support your rights as adults. In turn, we expect that you will accept responsibility for your decisions and actions as well as demonstrate concern and support for your neighbors' needs and rights.

Like any other, our community has rules and expectations. Most of them are based on common sense and common courtesy, as well as state and federal law. Several are designed to create and promote a community that supports all its residents. Others address issues of your safety, security and general well-being. They are all meant to provide a structure that can make living on campus as safe, supportive and enjoyable as possible.

Please make yourself familiar with the 2018-2019 Housing and Residential Life Student Guidebook.


M State Student Handbook

The Student Handbook applies to those students who choose to reside on campus. Please read and be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct as it pertains to housing. The handbook can be found at: https://www.minnesota.edu/handbook/.

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