Detroit Hustle by Amy Haimerl

Detroit Hustle by Amy Haimerl


An Evening with author Amy Haimerl

Wednesday, April 12th 7:00pm

Oscar Bergos Center,

M State Moorhead

Free and Open to the Public - registration required below

Refreshments will be served Sponsored by the M State Moorhead Student Government Association For more information, please contact Teresa Stolfus at 218.299.6529

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Praise for Detroit Hustle

"Detroit Hustle is much more than a book about the restoration of house. It's about a city and its people abandoned to the churn of change, about fitting in and standing out, about decades of decay and wispy hopes of revival. It's America's story. Amy Haimerl's memoir is as gritty and gripping as Detroit itself."

- Ron Fournier, columnist for The Atlantic

"The amazing charm of Detroit Hustle by Amy Haimerl is its brilliant use concurrent narratives - one quite personal, one about a down-on-its-luck city trying to get up off its knees - to show how perseverance, community and love are so essential to both stories. Each chapter has you rooting for the city, but also cheering for the writer and her husband, their neighbors and family, and the expansive house renovation project whose journey, hiccups and all, makes them into Detroiters."

- Stephen Henderson, Pulitzer Prize winner & editorial page editor, Detroit Free Press

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