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Action Projects

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AQIP Action Projects

Accredited institutions that follow the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) AQIP Pathway use Action Projects to build a culture of continuous improvement and to document quality advancement initiatives. AQIP Action Project updates are submitted to HLC for peer review and feedback according to a specific review schedule. Institutions must have one active Action Project each year.

An Action Project can be any outcome M State is committed to achieving that involves measurable and attainable goals, significantly benefits students and stakeholders and can be accomplished in 12-24 months. The knowledge and skills gained from past projects will aid in the selection, scope and definition of new projects.

M State currently has two active Action Projects and one submitted for review. In fall 2018, the Institutional Effectiveness Council will identify a new Action Project. The College's current AQIP Action Projects include:

  • Assessment of Student Learning: Analyzing and Refining
  • New Student Orientation: From a One-Time Event to an Ongoing Support Experience
  • Preparation for Nursing Accreditation Candidacy with NLN/CNEA

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