Comprehensive Quality Review

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Comprehensive Quality Review

As part of the Higher Learning Commission's comprehensive evaluation to verify institutions meet the Criteria for Accreditation, they have the option to conduct a Comprehensive Quality Review (CQR) in year four of the eight-year accreditation cycle. During the CQR, the peer review team will do a two- to three-day on-site visit to review the following:

A CQR visit may also include:

  • Meetings with students, faculty, staff and other key stakeholders to determine if criteria for accreditation are being met and continuous improvement principles are incorporated into daily work and decision making
  • On-site visits to each campus
  • Student opinion survey


Quality Highlights Report

The Quality Highlights Report is in response to Systems Appraisal Feedback Report and addresses the peer review teams' comments and request for additional evidence to show the Criteria for Accreditation are being met and continuous improvement plans are in place to address strategic challenges. Information that was not available prior to the submission of the Systems Portfolio can also be included in the report. Supplemental documentation (downloads and links) that correspond with Quality Highlights Report can be found in the Evidence Library.


HLC Federal Compliance Review

The Higher Learning Commission expects its affiliated institutions to comply with the Title IV requirements of the Higher Education Reauthorization Act as amended in 1998. The M State Federal Compliance Packet includes documentation to demonstrate the institution's program responsibilities are being met. Federal Compliance Packets are filed for the Higher Learning Commission during a comprehensive evaluation or upon request from the Commission. M State also completes numerous compliance reports for state and federal agencies on an annual basis.

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