Residence Hall Description

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College Manor

College Manor offers students a more traditional campus living experience with a community lounge and computer lab. Students who reside in College Manor have a longer distance to travel to campus, but they are still close enough to walk, although it is a less comfortable walk during winter months. College Manor apartments are close to city amenities in Fergus Falls.

Each apartment has a kitchen, living/dining space, four (4) single occupancy rooms, and two shared bathrooms.

There is a coin operated laundry room on each of the three floors in College Manor. Each of the 22 apartments can house four (4) students, and each apartment has a kitchen and two bathrooms.


Williams Hillside Village

Williams Hillside Village offers students the choice of either single or double occupancy in apartment style units.

Williams Hillside Village consists of four (4) buildings that each have four (4) apartments. Each apartment can house up to four (4) students, has a kitchen, and two bathrooms. There are two (2) single occupancy rooms with a shared bath, and one (1) double occupancy room with a shared bath.

The units are a short walk from the main campus building and provides students who reside there with quick access to campus for classes and activities. There is a coin operated laundry room in each Williams Hillside Village building.

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