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Career Counseling

Unsure about your major? You are not alone. Did you know that up to 50 percent of students are unsure about their career goals and may even change their major up to four to five times? Twenty percent of students who remain undecided and do nothing to plan for their future and career end up dropping out of college. So ... let's get a career plan started for you today!

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. ~William Jennings Bryan

Online Resources

Majors and Career Counseling Resources:

As counselors, we provide career assessment and planning assistance for students through individual appointments, classes and workshops. All M State counselors conduct career counseling and provide information about career resources. Additionally, the Career Center, located on the Fergus Falls campus, is open for walk-in use or counselor-assisted appointments during scheduled hours. The Career Center houses a wide range of resources and services to help you learn more about yourself, the world of work and job search techniques. The resources include printed, video and computerized career guidance and exploration materials. Changing your major: In order for the college to provide the best service, your major needs to be accurate in our computer system. Please stop in to the Student Services office on any of the campuses to complete the appropriate form. EDUC 1113 Life/Career Planning is a one-credit course designed to lead you through the process of self-knowledge, career research and decision making. For the class schedule, select the campus and term and scroll down to EDUC 1113 to see when the class is offered! Career Planning/Interest Assessments are available through each M State counselor. Contact one of the counselors for further information. The assessments provide helpful information in regard to specific careers and other career related information. Career Resource

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