Job Seeking

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Job Seeking

M State prepares students for employment opportunities in many occupational areas. As M State counselors, we are available to assist students in resume-writing, interviewing skills and job-seeking strategies. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Have your degree? Will you soon have your degree? Ready to seek employment? Check out M State's Career and Placement Services page at for current job postings and opportunities for M State students.

Employers Are Looking For:

Soft Skills
  • Written communication
  • Reports
  • Letters
  • Email
  • Memos
  • Meeting minutes
Oral Communication
  • Presentations
  • Lecture
  • Committee chair
Human Relations
  • Getting along with co-workers, general public conflict resolution
  • Dependable, responsible, take initiative

Technical Skills

  • Occupational knowledge (e.g., accounting, electronics, carpentry)
  • Computer skills (Office applications, email, Internet)
  • Telecommunication devices (phone systems, fax machines, copiers)
Work Experience
  • Related work experience (internships)
  • Employability
  • Length of employment in previous positions
  • Progressive responsibilities
  • Resumes - samples and helpful hints
  • Cover letter (grammatically correct, accurately states job opening, concise, address skills as described in advertisement)
  • Resumé is easy to read (no single best format, length depends on previous work history)
  • May choose to list personal attributes, hobbies, volunteer experiences, etc.
  • Color: white, light gray - not too dark or flashy
Interview skills
  • Dress professionally (even for a part-time job)
  • Be prompt
  • Have prepared questions for interview person/team
  • Research company
  • Day or two before interview, drive to interview site and locate building, parking lots, room/office of interview, etc.
  • Act interested
  • OK to ask about salary, benefits, etc.
  • Company setting needs to feel "right" for both interviewee and interviewer
  • Send follow-up thank you immediately after interview (mention key points during interview, re-state desire for employment)
  • Always bring an extra resume and reference list
  • Take part in a practice interview with a family member, friend
  • Practice questions should include strengths, weaknesses, why hire you for job, experience in working in a team atmosphere

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