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Gmail for Students

All M State students are provided with an official email (Gmail) address after they have been admitted. To access your Gmail account, users must first log in to SpartanNet at www.minnesota.edu.

Email is the official means of communication within M State. Therefore, the College has the right to send communications to students via email and the right to expect that those communications will be received and read in a timely manner.


GroupWise for Faculty and Staff

GroupWise is the email client software used by M State faculty and staff. The Groupwise email client is available for computers running Windows, Apple/Mac or the Linux OS and will be installed on all M State computers issued to faculty and staff. GroupWise is also available for mobile devices such as Android and Blackberry. If you have questions about GroupWise or have a mobile device you are interested in getting to work with your GroupWise email, please contact your local campus Computer Help Center.

GroupWise Web Access allows faculty and staff to check their email from anywhere 24/7/365 as long as they have an Internet connection. To access your GroupWise Web Access go to http://mail.minnesota.edu or www.minnesota.edu and click on the Employee Resource page, scroll to the middle of the page, click on Novell GroupWise Web Access.

GroupWise email is archived to a college server and retained/stored for five years. To access your retained/stored GroupWise archived email, go to https://archives.minnesota.edu and log in with your GroupWise credentials. Another way to access your GroupWise archived email is to click on the Open Retain Archive icon when you are logged into your email.


Internet Access

M State provides both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) connections throughout each of its four campuses. Through the LAN and WLAN connections, students can access campus printers, internet and network resources. LAN connections are available in almost every building, classroom, meeting room and commons area. To access the LAN, your computer needs a LAN adapter installed and configured properly and a LAN cable to connect your computer to the network. WLAN connections now cover approximately 95 percent of the each of the four campuses. To access the WLAN, your computer needs a WLAN adapter installed and configured properly. In addition to the WLAN adapter, M State faculty, staff and students will need to install the SecureW32 client to connect to the secure WLAN connection.

Guest Access - Campus visitors may use the unsecure M State GuestLAN. Access to the GuestLAN requires all non-MnSCU employees to obtain a guest account. To obtain a guest account, contact the appropriate Campus Computer Help Center. MnSCU employees may use their StarID credentials to access the M State Guest LAN.

VPN Connection - A VPN connection allows faculty and staff who are off campus, direct access to M State resources without the need for client software: Resources include access to: M State Intranet, ISRS Reports, D2L Administration, MnSCU Hyperion/Brio, Groupwise Archives, iFolder and NetStorage. Go to https://connect.minnesota.edu, login to the VPN server with your M State credentials and install the AnyConnect software. Questions? Please contact your local campus Computer Help Center.

Mobile Devices provide users with a quick and easy way to access "live" sync technology for email, calendar items, address book and other internet resources. Mobile devices are not intended to replace laptop requirement for a laptop degree program. To see a complete list of laptop degree programs and the laptop specs/requirements, click HERE



Encouraging conservation and promoting responsible printing, M State has moved toward a more "green" environment with its Printer Management Plan (PMP).

Through the PMP, M State students receive $12.50 (approximately 250 sheets) of free printing credit each semester. Each time a student prints to a campus networked printer, those prints get subtracted from his or her printing credit balance at a rate of .05 for black and white prints and .25 for color prints. Students who use up their free printing credit may purchase additional printing at one of the printing kiosks located on each campus.

For more information on student printing, please review the Student Printing FAQ below



Technology purchasing for faculty and staff includes but is not limited to, software, laptops, desktops, printers, iPads, Kindles and scanners. For all your technology hardware and software needs, please contact Lisa Ziegler at 218-846-3863 or lisa.ziegler@minnesota.edu.

M State uses MnSCU state contract vendors to ensure the best pricing available.



Request a new phone, make changes or problems with your current telephone or voicemail service
Contact: Andy Joy

Request a long distance ID code
Contact: Andy Joy

Request a change to your Web Directory listing
Contact: Peg Kalar

Request cell phone service
Contact: Wayne Wolden



To activate StarID or to learn more about StarID click StarID Self Service

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