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ACCT1000 Business Math
ACCT1012 Principles of Bookkeeping
ACCT1101 Payroll
ACCT1108 Business Math and Calculators
ACCT1120 Business Law
ACCT1124 Spreadsheet Applications
ACCT2201 Financial Accounting I Lab
ACCT2202 Financial Accounting II Lab
ACCT2203 Managerial Accounting Lab
ACCT2210 Managerial Accounting
ACCT2211 Financial Accounting I
ACCT2212 Financial Accounting II
ACCT2213 Managerial Accounting
ACCT2215 Computerized Accounting Applications
ACCT2216 QuickBooks
ACCT2217 Microsoft Dynamics GP
ACCT2255 Income Tax-Individual
ACCT2256 Income Tax-Business
ACCT2291 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
ACCT2295 Certified Bookkeeper Review Course
ACCT2620 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT2622 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT2630 Fund/Nonprofit Accounting
ACCT2640 Accounting Internship
ACCT2800 Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation Exam Review
ADMM1110 Medical Documentation Fundamentals
ADMM1122 Medical Office Procedures
ADMM1140 Medical Language Applications
ADMM1150 Medical Billing/Insurance
ADMM1152 Outpatient Coding
ADMM1160 Beginning Medical Transcription
ADMM1200 Medical Office Technology Tools
ADMM2122 Medical Office Management
ADMM2130 Medical Office Career Insight
ADMM2150 Medicare Coding and Billing Applications
ADMM2152 Advanced Coding
ADMM2154 Hospital Billing
ADMM2256 Certified Professional Biller Examination
ADMM2258 Certified Professional Coder Examination Review
ADMM2260 Certified Professional Coder - Hospital Examination Review
ADMM2276 Evaluation and Management Coding Practices
ADMM2320 Medical Office Capstone
ADMS0090 Basic Keyboarding
ADMS1100 Keyboarding I
ADMS1104 Skillbuilding
ADMS1110 Word Processing
ADMS1112 Desktop Publishing
ADMS1116 Business Communications I
ADMS1120 Administrative Office Procedures
ADMS1128 Records Management
ADMS1130 Office Software Applications
ADMS1140 Administrative Office Professional Internship I
ADMS1142 Career Internship I
ADMS1150 Introduction to Windows
ADMS1152 Introduction to Word Processing
ADMS1154 Introduction to Spreadsheets
ADMS1156 Introduction to Database
ADMS1158 Introduction to Presentations
ADMS1160 Introduction to the Web
ADMS1162 Introduction Desktop Publishing
ADMS1164 Introduction to Outlook
ADMS1190 Keyboarding II
ADMS1210 Spreadsheet Essentials
ADMS1242 Career Internship II
ADMS1310 Critical Workplace Skills
ADMS2124 Emerging Office Technologies
ADMS2205 Advanced Word Processing
ADMS2212 Advanced Office Software Applications
ADMS2216 Business Communications II
ADMS2240 Administrative Office Professional Internship II
ADMS2250 Administrative Office Professional Simulation
ADMT1173 Microsoft Office Access Certification
ADMT1174 Microsoft Office PowerPoint Certification
ADMT2110 Topics in Administrative Management Technology
ADMT2222 Event Planning
ADMT2224 Applied Event Management
ADMT2236 Administrative Project Management
ADMT2300 Office Graphics and Presentations
ADMT2600 Trends in Office Technology
ADMT2900 Administrative Professional Internship
AGRI1400 Farm Marketing and Management
AMST1101 Automotive Equipment Fundamentals
AMST1102 Alignment and Suspension I
AMST1105 Brakes I
AMST1109 Starting and Charging
AMST1110 Batteries, Starting and Charging Systems
AMST1111 Automotive Electronics
AMST1114 Basic Maintenance Service
AMST1122 Engines I
AMST1126 Engines II
AMST1132 Drivetrains I
AMST1136 Drivetrains II
AMST2201 Alignment and Suspension II
AMST2206 Body Electrical and Mechanical I
AMST2210 Body Electrical and Mechanical II
AMST2211 Exhaust Analysis and Fuel Systems
AMST2214 Electronic Powertrain Control I
AMST2218 Electronic Powertrain Control II
AMST2220 Ignition Systems
AMST2225 Brakes II
AMST2233 Automatic Transmissions I
AMST2237 Automatic Transmissions II
AMST2240 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
ANTH1100 Introduction to Anthropology
ARCH1122 Computer Aided Drafting for Architecture
ARCH1126 Residential Project I
ARCH2218 Architectural Internship
ARCH2220 Specification Writing for Construction
ARCH2226 Residential Project II
ARCH2230 Mechanical and Electrical Integration
ARCH2232 Civil and Structural Integration
ARCH2236 Architectural Presentation
ARCH2242 Mechanical and Electrical Integration
ARCH2244 Commercial Projects
ARCH2248 CADD Alternatives
ARCH2250 Project Administration
ARCH2256 Rendering Architecture
ART1107 Foundations of Art, 2-D
ART1108 Foundations of Art, 3-D
ART1110 Introduction to Art
ART1111 Drawing I
ART1112 Painting I
ART1117 Printmaking I
ART1118 Watercolor I
ART1121 World of Art I
ART1122 World of Art II
ART1123 Global Art History: Asian, Islamic, African, Mesoamerican
ART1124 American Art
ART1140 Handbuilt Ceramics
ART1141 Ceramics I
ART2111 Drawing II
ART2112 Painting II
ART2114 Photographic Art I
ART2116 Mixed Media I
ART2241 Advanced Ceramics
ART2250 Art Mentor Experience
ART2260 Art, Portfolio Design and Professional Development
ART2261 Art, Portfolio Design and Professional Development Internship
ART2912 Art Studio Topics
ART2999 AFA-Visual Art Capstone Exhibition
ASL1111 American Sign Language and Deaf Culture I
ASL1112 American Sign Language and Deaf Culture II
ASL1113 American Sign Language and Deaf Culture III
ASL1114 American Sign Language and Deaf Culture IV
ASL1115 American Sign Language and Deaf Culture V
ASL2000 Advanced Fingerspelling, Numbers and Classifiers
ASL2100 Linguistics of American Sign Language
ASLM1110 Introduction to Medical Interpreting
ASLM1111 Ethical Decision Making for Medical Interpreters
ASLM1112 Medical Signs
ASLM1113 Special Topics in the Field of Medical Interpreting
ASLM1114 Introduction to Mental Health Interpreting
BIOL1102 Introduction to Horticulture
BIOL1104 Biology of Human Concerns
BIOL1107 Environmental Science Issues
BIOL1108 Environmental Science Issues Lab
BIOL1115 Introduction to Biotechnology
BIOL1122 General Biology I
BIOL1123 General Biology II
BIOL1125 Basic Immunology
BIOL1152 Food Science
BIOL1161 Introduction to Freshwater Biology
BIOL1170 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL2010 General Ecology
BIOL2202 Principles of Nutrition
BIOL2220 General Microbiology
BIOL2240 Genetics
BIOL2260 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL2261 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
BIOL2262 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL2263 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
BIOL2265 Diagnostic Microbiology
BIOL2267 Medical Microbiology
BIOL2268 Medical Microbiology Lab
BIOL2970 Internship Experience
BLDG1000 Introduction to the Construction Trades
BLDG1110 Principles of Residential and Commercial Construction
BLDG1114 Blueprint Reading I
BLDG1120 Construction Estimating I
BUS1120 Spreadsheet and Database Concepts
BUS1130 Introduction to Inventory Control and Purchasing
BUS1141 Introduction to Business
BUS1143 Office Procedures
BUS1146 Personal Finance
BUS1158 Free Market Enterprise
BUS1170 Introduction to Agribusiness, Food Systems and Global Agriculture
BUS1174 Principles of Banking
BUS1175 Fundamentals of Investing
BUS1300 Financial Statement Analysis
BUS2150 Legal Environment of Business
BUS2202 Management Information Systems
BUS2204 Principles of Management
BUS2206 Principles of Marketing
BUS2220 Global Business
BUS2275 Money and Banking
CADD1000 AutoCAD Basics
CADD1100 Solid Modeling with AutoCAD
CADD1102 Fundamentals of CADD
CADD1114 Introduction to Solids and Parametric Modeling
CADD1200 Introduction to SolidWorks
CADD1210 Introduction to Autodesk Inventor
CADD2214 Advanced Solids and Parametric Modeling
CDEV1105 Development/Guidance
CDEV1107 Introduction to Early Education
CDEV2200 Integrating Play
CDEV2229 Imaginative Learning
CDEV2236 Occupational Experience
CDEV2238 Integrating Children with Special Needs
CDEV2241 Observing and Assessing
CDEV2242 Infant/Toddler Program
CDEV2244 Parent Professional Relations
CDEV2246 Foundations in Literacy
CDEV2290 Internship
CHEM0095 Essential Chemistry Skills
CHEM1050 Lab Calculations/Procedures
CHEM1100 Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry
CHEM1101 Principles of General Chemistry
CHEM1105 Medical Chemistry
CHEM1111 General Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM1112 General Inorganic Chemistry II
CHEM1115 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM2224 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM2225 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM2970 Internship Experience
CHIN1101 Introduction to Chinese
CIVL1000 Introduction to Civil Engineering Technology
CIVL1100 Survey I: Fundamentals of Surveying
CIVL1102 Survey I: Fundamentals
CIVL1119 Survey II: Land Surveys
CIVL1138 CADD II: Plan Layout
CIVL2209 Construction Inspection
CIVL2210 Road Design
CIVL2230 Civil Engineering Technology Internship
CIVL2232 Survey III: Legal Surveys
CIVL2234 Utility Design
CIVL2238 CADD III: Project Design
CIVL2240 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
CIVL2242 Survey III: Global Positioning System Technology and Equipment
CIVL2244 Survey IV: Equipment Software
CIVL2246 Introduction to Hydrology
COMM1100 Communication and Effective Human Relations
COMM1120 Introduction to Public Speaking
COMM1130 Small Group Communication
COMM1140 Interpersonal Communication
COMM2220 Oral Interpretation
COMM2230 Intercultural Communication
COMM2240 Family Communication
COMM2250 Gender Communication
COMM2260 Computer-Mediated Communication
CONM1101 Construction Documents and Codes
CONM1102 Site/Building Layout
CONM1104 Construction Management Principles
CONM1108 Principles of Estimating
CONM1124 Building Systems
CONM2204 Materials Testing
CONM2206 Building Codes
CONM2208 Construction Bidding
CONM2210 Construction Scheduling
CONM2212 Site Management
CONM2213 Safety Management
CONM2217 Computer Estimating and Bidding
CONM2222 Construction Management Internship
COSM1000 Principles and Practices
COSM1001 Introduction to Cosmetology
COSM1117 Shampooing and Rinsing
COSM1119 Haircutting
COSM1129 Hairstyling
COSM1130 Properties of the Hair and Scalp
COSM1153 North Dakota Laws and Rules
COSM1157 Histology of the Skin
COSM1159 Facials, Make-Up, and Hair Removal
COSM1161 Nail Structure and Growth
COSM1163 Hair Color
COSM1171 Principles of Hair Design
COSM1173 Chemistry and Electricity
COSM1177 Infection Control
COSM1179 Minnesota Cosmetology Laws and Rules
COSM1200 Salon Practicum
COSM2000 Artistry in Hairstyling
COSM2100 Chemical Texture Services
COSM2200 Manicuring/Pedicuring
COSM2300 Cosmetology Anatomy
COSM2400 Advanced Nail Techniques
COSM2500 Salon Business
COSM2800 Alexandria Body Sugaring
CPTR1001 Introduction To Programming and Scripting
CPTR1100 Fundamental Computer Concepts
CPTR1102 Introduction to Macintosh
CPTR1103 Introduction to Assistive Technology
CPTR1104 Introduction to Computer Technology
CPTR1106 Microcomputer Databases
CPTR1110 Visual Basic Program I
CPTR1112 Visual Basic Program II
CPTR1115 COBOL Programming
CPTR1122 Microcomputer Maintenance
CPTR1125 IT Essentials I
CPTR1129 RPG Programming
CPTR1130 IT Essentials II
CPTR1135 Beginning Networking
CPTR1138 Information Systems
CPTR1142 Network Essentials
CPTR1148 Microcomputer Operating System
CPTR1166 Word Processing and Spreadsheets
CPTR1170 Web Engineering I
CPTR1178 Robotics
CPTR2000 Mobile Application Development
CPTR2210 Database Report Generation
CPTR2220 COBOL Programming II
CPTR2224 Linux I
CPTR2230 Structured Query Language
CPTR2234 Linux II
CPTR2236 Network Security
CPTR2238 Database Integration
CPTR2240 Database Administration
CPTR2242 Java Programming
CPTR2245 Enterprise Network Technologies
CPTR2250 IT Supervised Occupational Experience
CPTR2252 Microcomputer Systems Project
CPTR2260 Advanced Structured Query Language
CPTR2262 Internet Protocol Version 6
CPTR2272 Network Operating Systems
CPTR2275 Data Analytics
CPTR2282 E-mail Administration
CPTR2294 Internship
CPTR2296 Topics in Computers
CPTR2400 Web Integration
CRJU1101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRJU1102 Policing and Practices
CRJU1104 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency
CRJU1106 Introduction to Corrections/Probation
CRJU1108 Physical Control Tactics for Corrections
CRJU1109 Law Enforcement Behavioral Science
CRJU1117 Special Topics in Criminal Justice
CRJU2201 Criminal Law
CRJU2202 Criminal Procedures
CRJU2206 Police Report Writing
CRJU2209 Criminal Investigations
CRJU2210 Introduction to Criminalistics
CRJU2235 Criminal Justice Internship
CSCI1101 Computer Essentials
CSCI1110 Informatics
CSCI1121 Computer Science I
CSCI1122 Computer Science II
CSCI1155 Computer Utilization in Business & Society
CSEC1102 Careers in Information Systems
CSEC1110 Fundamentals of IT Security
CSEC2202 Introduction to Wireless Networking
CSEC2204 Managing Directory Services
CSEC2210 Security Breaches and Countermeasures
CSEC2212 Web Security
CSEC2214 Topics in Network Security
CSEC2218 Disaster Recovery
CSEC2222 Network Security Design
CSEC2228 Network Defense
CTEC2204 Advanced Technical Support
CTEC2240 Technical Support Internship
CULN1102 Introduction to Foodservice Preparation
CULN1104 Stocks, Sauces and Soups
CULN1106 Culinary Foundations Lab A
CULN1112 Poultry and Seafood
CULN1118 Cafe Lunch Foundations
CULN1120 Kitchen Math, Formulas and Spreadsheets
CULN1122 Sanitation Certification
CULN1124 Menu Concept and Design
CULN1200 Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry
CULN1205 Theories of Baking and Pastry
CULN1210 Fundamentals of Food Fabrication and Production
CULN1215 Theory of Food Fabrication and Production
CULN1220 Fundamentals of Pantry Production
CULN1230 Introduction to Professional Food Service
CULN1240 Sanitation Certification
CULN1250 Kitchen Math and Measurements
CULN1260 Meats
CULN1270 Culinary Nutrition
CULN2000 Kitchen Supervision, Management and Training
CULN2010 Kitchen Financials and Cost Management
CULN2020 Food Concepts and Menu Development
CULN2050 Foundations of Restaurant Management
CULN2110 Confections
CULN2120 Cake Decorating
CULN2200 French Cuisine
CULN2202 Meats
CULN2204 Cafe Breakfast Foundations
CULN2206 Buffet Presentation and Production
CULN2210 Italian Cuisine
CULN2214 Culinary Foundations Lab B
CULN2220 Meat Processing and Charcuterie
CULN2222 Supervision Lab
CULN2228 Food Cost Control
CULN2230 Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine
CULN2236 Ethnic Foods
CULN2238 Advanced Baking, Pastry and Confections
CULN2240 Internship
CULN2250 Cuisines of China and Korea
CULN2260 Japanese Cuisine
CULN2265 Cuisines of Southeast Asia
CULN2270 Cajun and Creole Cuisine
CUST1010 Wood Properties: Strength and Quality
CUST1060 Occupational Safety and Risk Management
CVRI1100 Cardiovascular Technology Survey
CVRI1105 Introduction to Cardiovascular Technology
CVRI1110 Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology
CVRI1120 Principles of Patient Care
CVRI1130 Cardiovascular Technology I
CVRI1136 Cardiovascular Technology Clinical
CVRI2130 Cardiovascular Technology II
CVRI2141 Pharmacology for Cardiovascular Technology
CVRI2145 Intravenous Therapy
CVRI2250 Radiation Safety
CVRI2262 Cardiovascular Technology Practicum I
CVRI2263 Cardiovascular Technology Practicum II
CVRI2264 Cardiovascular Technology Practicum III
DCNH1116 CNH (Case New Holland) Supervised Occupational Experience (SOE) I
DCNH1118 CNH (Case New Holland) Supervised Occupational Experience (SOE) II
DCNH2210 Mobile Hydraulics
DCNH2218 CNH (Case New Holland) Supervised Occupational Experience (SOE) III
DCNH2230 Advanced Engines and Fuel Systems I
DCNH2238 Transmissions and Drive Systems
DCNH2242 Advanced Engines and Fuel Systems
DENT1100 Biomaterials
DENT1102 Dental Anatomy
DENT1103 Introduction for Dental Health Care Providers
DENT1104 Dental Health Care Providers II
DENT1106 Dental Radiology Lecture
DENT1122 Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence
DIAT1100 Role of the Dialysis Technician
DIAT1102 Anatomy and Physiology of the Urinary System
DIAT1105 Principles of Dialysis
DIAT1115 Principles of Dialysis Lab
DIAT1205 Dialysis Technician Practicum
DNAS1103 Clinical Assisting I
DNAS1105 Clinical Assisting II
DNAS1106 Biodental Science
DNAS1114 Dental Practice Management
DNAS1119 Advanced Functions
DNAS1144 Dental Assisting Clinical Affiliations
DNAS1210 Radiology Lab
DNAS1212 Radiology Lab II
DNAS1215 Dental Specialties
DNHY1104 Dental Anatomy Lab
DNHY1106 Head and Neck Anatomy
DNHY1108 Oral Histology and Embryology
DNHY1109 Radiology Lab
DNHY1110 Principles I
DNHY1112 Dental Hygiene Practice I
DNHY1118 Oral Pathology
DNHY1119 Dental Hygiene Principles II
DNHY1123 Dental Hygiene Practice II
DNHY1124 Pain Control Lab
DNHY1130 Dental Hygiene Principle III
DNHY1132 Dental Hygiene Practice III
DNHY1136 Dental Pharmacology
DNHY2210 Dental Hygiene Principle IV
DNHY2213 Dental Hygiene Practice IV
DNHY2219 Periodontology
DNHY2220 Dental Hygiene Principle V
DNHY2223 Dental Hygiene Practice V
DNHY2226 Community Dental Hygiene
DNHY2232 Dental Hygiene Review
DNHY2240 Clinical Affiliation I
DNHY2246 Clinical Affiliation II
DSET1100 Diesel Equipment Fundamentals
DSET1101 Software Systems in Transportation
DSET1106 Fuel Systems
DSET1110 Power Train I
DSET1112 Hydraulics I
DSET1114 Vehicle Brakes
DSET1116 Fall Supervised Occupational Experience
DSET1124 Diesel Shop Management
DSET1130 Trans Elec/Start/Charge
DSET1132 Introduction to Engine Theory
DSET1134 Introduction to Engines
DSET1140 Supervised Occupational Experience I
DSET1144 Electrical Troubleshooting
DSET2204 Advanced Electrical and Emission Systems
DSET2206 Electronic Controls
DSET2210 Mobile Hydraulics
DSET2214 Suspension and Alignment
DSET2218 Advanced Fuels
DSET2220 Internship
DSET2230 Advanced Engines & Fuel Systems I
DSET2238 Transmissions & Drive Systems
DSET2240 Supervised Occupational Experience II
DSET2242 Advanced Engines and Fuel Systems
DTRK1140 Supervised Occupational Experience 1
DTRK2214 Suspension and Alignment
DTRK2230 Advanced Engines I
DTRK2238 Transmissions and Drive Systems
DTRK2240 Supervised Occupational Experience II
DTRK2242 Advanced Engines and Fuel Systems
EAP0094 Reading and Editing Strategies I
EAP0095 Editing Strategies I
EAP0096 Reading Strategies I
EAP0097 Reading Strategies II
EAP0098 Editing Strategies II
EAP0099 Reading and Editing Strategies II
ECON1150 Essentials of Economics
ECON2210 Macroeconomics
ECON2222 Microeconomics
ED2205 Introduction to Education and Technology
ED2206 Early Field Experience
ED2232 Strategies for Working With Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders
ED2294 Educational Psychology
EDUC1112 Job Search Skills
EDUC1113 Career Life Planning
ELEC1100 Electrical Safety
ELEC1102 Introduction to Electric Circuit Theory
ELEC1104 Introduction to National Electrical Code
ELEC1107 Introduction to Residential Wiring
ELEC1108 Electrical Circuit Theory
ELEC1110 Electric Motors and Generators
ELEC1112 Residential Wiring
ELEC1114 National Electrical Code
ELEC1115 Solar Photovoltaic Installation
ELEC1116 Conduit/Tool Applications
ELEC1118 Electrical Services
ELEC1122 Introduction to Electrical Materials
ELEC1124 Introduction to Electrical Blueprint Reading
ELEC1130 Electrical Blueprints
ELEC1140 Power-Limited Exam Prep
ELEC1170 Predictive Maintenance Technology
ELEC1175 Best Maintenance Practices I
ELEC2202 Heating/Cooling Controls
ELEC2205 Introduction to Commercial Wiring
ELEC2206 Introduction to Motor Control Applications
ELEC2208 Programmable Logic Controllers
ELEC2211 Electronic Motor Control
ELEC2212 Commercial Wiring
ELEC2214 Industrial Wiring
ELEC2216 Motor Control Application
ELEC2217 Building Automation I
ELEC2218 Building Automation II
ELEC2220 Electrician Internship
ELEC2222 Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers
ELEC2225 Transformers
ELEC2228 Electrical Troubleshooting
ELEC2234 Hydraulics/Pneumatics
ELEC2236 Industrial Motor Maintenance
ELEC2238 Low Voltage Wiring
ELEC2240 Code Update
ELEC2244 National Electrical Code Changes
ELEC2246 Advanced Electronics
ELEC2248 Code Applications
ELEC2250 Special Topics/Projects
ELL0050 English Language Learner Foundations
ELL0060 English Language Learner Reading
ELL0065 American English Expressions
ELL1020 English Language Learner Listening Comprehension and Speaking
ELL1060 English Language Learner Writing I
ELL1080 English Language Learner Writing II
ELL1090 Editing for College Writing
ELL1175 English Language Learner Listening Comprehension and Speaking
ELWT1102 Electrical Line Worker Theory I
ELWT1104 Electrical Structure Installation
ELWT1106 Climbing Electrical Structure
ELWT1108 Construction of Overhead Structures
ELWT1110 Line Worker Theory II
ELWT1112 Transformers
ELWT1114 Line Construction Reports
ELWT1116 Pole Top and Bucket Rescue
ELWT1118 Field Construction I
ELWT1120 Field Construction II
ELWT1122 Field Construction III
ELWT1130 Electrical Line Worker Internship
ELWT1132 Electrical Line Worker Internship
EMST1000 Introduction to Emergency Medical System
EMST1010 Emergency Pharmacology
EMST1020 Patient Assessment
EMST1030 Emergency Cardiopulmonary Care
EMST1040 Special Populations
EMST1050 Paramedic Clinical I
EMST1060 Emergency Medical System Operations
EMST2000 Paramedic Medical I
EMST2010 Traumatic Emergencies
EMST2020 Paramedic Medical II
EMST2040 Paramedic Lab I
EMST2050 Paramedic Lab II
EMST2201 Paramedic Clinical II
EMST2211 Advanced Cardiac Life Support
EMST2261 Pediatric Advanced Life Support
EMST2271 Prehospital Trauma Life Support
EMST2280 Advanced Medical Life Support
EMST2292 Paramedic Capstone Experience
ENG1101 Ethics and the Engineering Profession
ENGL0096 Reading and Writing Strategies
ENGL0097 Express English Strategies
ENGL0098 Accelerated English
ENGL1101 College Writing
ENGL1205 Writing About Literature
ENGL1210 Writing About Current Issues
ENGL1215 Professional and Technical Writing
ENGL2200 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL2221 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL2222 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL2223 Creative Writing: Personal Narrative
ENGL2228 A Well Examined Life: Reading and Writing Memoir
ENGL2230 Environmental Literature
ENGL2234 Introduction to Literature: Short Stories
ENGL2235 Introduction to Literature: Drama
ENGL2236 Introduction to Literature: Novel
ENGL2237 Introduction to Literature: Short Prose
ENGL2238 Literature, Illness and the Human Condition
ENGL2239 Nature Writers
ENGL2302 American Ethnic Literature
ENGL2304 Introduction to Literature, Native American Focus
ENGL2310 Introduction to Mythology
ENGL2314 Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL2321 Women in Literature
ENGL2322 Banned Literature
ENGL2323 Horror and Supernatural Fiction
ENGL2324 Travel Literature
ENGL2325 Contemporary World Literature
ENGL2372 Children's Literature
ENGL2374 The Poetics of Rock Lyrics
ENGR1100 Project Management
ENGR1126 Engineering Graphics
ENGR1134 Office Systems and Equipment
ENGR2210 Engineering Mechanics I
ENGR2220 Engineering Mechanics II
ENGR2230 Mechanics of Materials
ENGR2970 Internship Experience
ENGT1100 Introduction to Building Information Modeling
ENGT1118 Construction and Manufacturing Math
ENGT1126 Engineering Graphics
ENGT1134 Office Systems and Equipment
ENST2001 Fundamentals of Utilities
ENST2002 Energy Safety Principles
ENST2222 Blueprint Reading for Energy Industry
ENST2223 GPS Mapping
ENTR1100 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENTR1400 Opportunity Analysis
ENTR1800 Business Internship
ENTR2200 Entrepreneurial Field Studies
ENTR2220 Business Ethics/Professionalism
ENTR2222 Business Plan Development
EQSC1001 Introduction to Equine Science
EQSC1050 Equine Anatomy
EQSC1060 Equine Reproduction and Nutrition
EQSC1130 Stable Operations I
EQSC1131 Stable Operations II
EQSC1140 Western Horsemanship
EQSC1150 Fundamentals of Riding Instruction
EQSC1160 English Equitation
EQSC1170 Introduction to Horse Training
EQSC1180 Equine Evaluation
EQSC1190 Farrier Science
EQSC1200 Equine Events Management
EQSC2200 Recognition and Management of Equine Disorders
EQSC2300 Applied Stable Operations
EQSC2501 Equine Internship
ESTH1801 Advanced Skin Treatments
FIRE1100 Introduction to Fire Service
FIRE1106 Firefighter I and II
FIRE1108 Firefighter I and II Skills
FIRE1130 Technical Rescue
FIRE1140 Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement
FIRE1150 HazMat Operational
FIRE1152 Building Construction
FIRE1180 Building Construction for Fire Protection
FIRE2020 Fire and Emergency Services Administration
FIRE2030 Fire Instructor I
FIRE2040 Fire Protection Systems
FIRE2050 Fire Prevention
FIRE2060 Strategy and Tactics
FIRE2080 Fire Service Leadership and Management
FNCS1110 Introduction to Financial Services
FNCS1111 Introduction to Financial Services
FNCS1114 Consumer Lending
FNCS1119 Personal Finance Products/Customer Service
FNCS2221 Real Estate Lending
FYE1000 Student Success Seminar
FYE1101 First Year Experience
GAS1000 Gas Utility Field Training I
GAS1001 Underground Utility Locating
GAS1002 Gas Service Welding I
GAS1003 Gas Utility Equipment Training
GAS1004 Gas Utility Field Training II
GAS1005 Gas Service Welding II
GAS1500 Metallurgy
GAS2001 Forklift Certification
GAS2002 Gas Utility Field Training III
GAS2003 Gasless Leak Detection
GAS2600 Electric and Gas Appliances
GDTC1100 Macintosh Production Processes
GDTC1105 Adobe Photoshop I
GDTC1113 Design and Layout I
GDTC1115 Design and Layout II
GDTC1120 Adobe InDesign I
GDTC1124 Interactive Design I
GDTC1126 Digital Photography
GDTC1134 Electronic Drawing I
GDTC1135 Adobe Illustrator I
GDTC1144 Electronic Drawing II
GDTC1150 Process Printing Theory
GDTC2120 Adobe InDesign II
GDTC2203 Electronic Image Manipulation
GDTC2205 Adobe Photoshop II
GDTC2212 Design and Layout III
GDTC2214 Integrated Graphic Design
GDTC2224 Interactive Design II
GDTC2230 Design Portfolio
GDTC2238 Design Studio
GDTC2240 Lighting Techniques
GDTC2242 Electronic Publishing
GDTC2244 Advanced Electronic Imaging
GDTC2245 Adobe Illustrator II
GDTC2246 Advanced Photography and Imaging
GDTC2250 Design Campaigns
GDTC2258 Graphic Design Professional Practices
GDTC2276 Graphic Design Internship
GDTC2278 Digital Preflight
GEOG1110 World Geography
GEOG1160 Global Physical Geography
GLST1510 Global Studies: Natural Science
GOLF1100 Rules of Golf
GOLF1101 Golf Club Repair
GOLF1102 Tournament Operations
GOLF1200 Introduction to Golf Fundamentals and Methods
GOLF2100 Pro Shop Operations and Management
GOLF2200 Turf Management
GOLF2201 Soils and Fertilizers
GOLF2202 Introduction to Golf Landscape and Horticulture
GOLF2402 Golf Internship
GOLF2500 Fundamentals of Golf Instruction
HCCC1000 Healthcare Core Curriculum
HCCC1001 Nursing Assistant Skill Set
HEAT2218 Gas Heating
HEAT2220 Oil Heating
HIST1110 Western Civilization: Ancient-1400's
HIST1111 Western Civilization: 1400's-1600's
HIST1112 Western Civilization: 1600's-1800's
HIST1113 Western Civilization: 20th Century
HIST1500 European Experience
HIST1600 History of Baseball
HIST2211 American History: the Colonial Period
HIST2212 American History 19th Century
HIST2213 American History: 20th Century
HIST2220 Minnesota and Northern Plains History
HITM1150 Introduction to Health Care Delivery
HITM1152 Health Information Systems
HITM1153 Introduction to Electronic Health Records
HITM1155 Medicolegal Aspects
HITM1159 Professional Practice Experience Functions
HITM1160 Health Information Systems and Statistics
HITM2202 Computer Applications in Healthcare
HITM2204 Fundamentals of Electronic Health Records
HITM2211 Basic Pharmacology for Coders
HITM2214 Introduction to International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Coding
HITM2216 Introduction to Procedure Coding
HITM2218 Intermediate Procedure Coding
HITM2230 Medical Science for Health Information Professionals
HITM2236 Advanced International Classification of Diseases (ICD) Coding
HITM2238 Advanced Coding CPT
HITM2250 Supervisory Leadership in Health
HITM2252 Quality Management & Statistics
HITM2253 Quality Management Studies
HITM2262 Reimbursement Systems
HITM2263 Reimbursement Systems
HITM2270 Professional Practice Experience Management
HITM2272 Professional Practice Experience Coding
HITM2275 Health Record Documentation
HItM2280 Registered Health Information Technology Exam Review
HITM2282 Introduction to Diagnosis Coding
HITM2283 Intermediate Diagnosis Coding
HITM2284 Advanced International Classification of Diseases,Tenth Edition
HITM2290 Health Care Data Management and Analysis
HLTH1100 Introduction to Nutrition
HLTH1110 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
HLTH1111 Personal and Community Health
HLTH1112 Introduction to Home Health
HLTH1115 Introduction to Nursing in Long Term Care
HLTH1116 Medical Terminology
HLTH1121 Nursing Assistant-Home Health Aide
HLTH1122 CPR-First Aid
HLTH1130 Transcultural Health Concepts
HLTH1201 Introduction to Mental Health Behavioral Aide
HLTH2100 Wellness for Athletic Performance
HLTH2208 Pathophysiology
HLTH2212 Social Seminar Drug Education
HLTH2213 Emergency Responder
HLTH2215 EMT Basic
HONS1101 Introduction to Honors
HONS2900 Honors Capstone Seminar
HRES1122 Human Resource Management
HRES1126 Employee Processes
HRES1130 Benefits Administration
HRES1134 Training and Development
HRES2204 Policy Administration
HRES2212 Wage/Salary Administration
HRES2224 Employee/Labor Relations
HRES2245 Human Resources Internship
HRES2252 Human Resources Competency and Portfolio Evaluation
HRES2254 Human Resource Systems and Portfolio Evaluation
HUM1101 Introduction to the Humanities
HUM1105 Religion in the Humanities
HUM1110 Native American Culture
HUM1120 Culture of Italy
HUM1132 Women in the Humanities
HUM1134 Global Perspectives for Women
HUM1201 Religion and the American Experience
HUM2210 Introduction to Film
HUM2230 World Cinema
HUM2236 Technology in the Humanities
HUM2281 Culture of the British Isles
HUM2293 Field Experience: Europe
HUM2295 Field Experience: The East
HUM2301 Heroes, Moral and Cultural
HVAC1102 Duct Fitting Construction
HVAC1103 Electricity for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning
HVAC1104 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Electrical Controls
HVAC1128 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Design and Installation
HVAC1224 Gas and Oil Heating
HVAC2202 Air Handling
HVAC2212 Hot Water Heating
HVAC2221 Heat Pump Theory and Operation
HVAC2290 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Internship
IHS1293 OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Safety
IHS1296 OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety
IHS2292 OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Safety
IHS2297 OSHA 30-Hour Construction Safety
ILS1100 Integrative Learning Seminar I
ILS2100 Integrative Learning Seminar II
IMMA1110 Introduction to Power and Mechancial Systems
IMMA1112 Mechanical Blueprint Reading
IMMA2223 Fluid Power Lab
IND1110 Introduction to the Industrial Workplace
IND1160 Food Manufacturing Science
IND1500 Introduction to Steel Welding
IND1501 Basic Steel Welding
IND1502 Basic Print Reading for Welders
INTE1100 Industry Internship Experience
IPP1111 Introduction to Interpreting
IPP1112 Beginning American Sign Language to English
IPP1113 Beginning English to American Sign Language
IPP2112 Advanced American Sign Language to English
IPP2113 Advanced English to American Sign Language
IPP2114 Educational Interpreting
IPP2215 Topics in Interpreting
IPP2216 Practicum
IPP2217 Interpreting Internship
IPP2218 Internship Seminar
ITSS1100 Information Technology Help Desk
ITSS1120 Information Technology Research and Documentation
ITSS2100 Supporting End-User Applications
ITSS2200 Professional Standards and Practices in Information Technologies
LEAD1000 The Emerging Leader
LEAD1001 The Emerging Leader
LEAD1002 Emerging Leader Experience
MATH0055 Foundational Mathematics
MATH0085 Elementary Algebra I
MATH0095 Elementary Algebra II
MATH1000 Technical Mathematics
MATH1020 Intermediate Algebra
MATH1100 World of Math
MATH1102 Finite Math
MATH1114 College Algebra
MATH1115 Functions/Trigonometry
MATH1116 College Trigonometry
MATH1118 Precalculus
MATH1122 Applied Calculus and Linear Algebra
MATH1134 Calculus I
MATH1135 Calculus II
MATH1207 Elementary Statistics
MATH1213 Introduction to Statistics
MATH2200 Principles of Arithmetic
MATH2231 Calculus III
MATH2257 Linear Algebra
MATH2259 Differential Equations
MCDD1104 Mechanical Engineering Drawing I
MCDD1106 Mechanical Engineering Drawing II
MCDD1114 Manufacturing Processes
MCDD1124 Mechanical Drafting Applications I
MCDD1210 Drafting Practices
MCDD2112 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
MCDD2122 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
MCDD2200 Advanced Modeling with Solidworks
MCDD2204 Mechanical Engineering Drawing III
MCDD2206 Mechanical Engineering Drawing IV
MCDD2210 Advanced Modeling with Inventor
MCDD2220 Mechanical Engineering Drawing IV
MCDD2230 3D Printing and Prototyping
MCDD2246 Tool Design
MCDD2248 CNC Application
MCDD2252 Mechanical Drafting Applications II
MCDD2254 Computer Numerical Control
MCDD2260 Mechanical Drafting Internship
MCOM1122 Introduction to Mass Communication
MCOM1142 Popular Culture and Social Media
MCS2230 Multicultural America
MCS2231 Multicultural America: Service Learning
MEDA1150 Pathophysiology, Pharmacology and Nutrition
MEDA1240 Clinical Procedures I
MEDA1260 Clinical Procedures II
MEDA1601 Medical Assisting Externship
MEDA1602 Medical Assisting Capstone
METC1112 Manufacturing Processes
METC1152 Safety and Accident Prevent
METC2208 Basic Electricity and Electronics
MIS1100 Business Computers
MKTG1040 Consumer Behavior
MKTG1050 Direct Selling
MKTG1106 Professional Selling
MKTG1110 Customer Service
MKTG1116 Advertising and Promotion
MKTG1120 Supervisory Leadership
MKTG1128 Business Insights
MKTG1130 Leadership Ethics
MKTG1138 Leadership Development I
MKTG1200 Introduction to Social Media
MKTG1210 InDesign
MKTG1280 Search Engine Optimization
MKTG2204 Advanced Professional Selling
MKTG2206 Sales Management
MKTG2214 E-Marketing
MKTG2218 Retail Management
MKTG2222 Human Resource Management
MKTG2230 Marketing Research
MKTG2232 Marketing Management
MKTG2234 Computer Marketing Applications
MKTG2236 Small Business Management
MKTG2250 Strategic Selling and Account Management
MKTG2290 Management, Marketing and Sales Internship
MKTG2292 Supervised Occupational Experience
MKTG2298 Small Business Plan Development
MKTG2400 Marketing Management
MKTG2404 Management Strategy
MKTG2410 Marketing, Management, and Sales Capstone
MLT1110 Phlebotomy Skills
MLT1112 Clinical Phlebotomy
MLT1115 Basic Laboratory Techniques
MLT1123 Immunohematology
MLT1215 Hematology
MLT1225 Biological Fluids
MLT2130 Diagnostic Chemistry
MLT2217 Clinical Hematology
MLT2218 Clinical Urinalysis
MLT2219 Clinical Chemistry and Special Chemistry
MLT2220 Clinical Blood Bank
MLT2221 Clinical Microbiology
MLT2222 Clinical Chemistry
MLT2225 Clinical Hematology
MLT2226 Clinical Microbiology
MLT2230 Clinical Applications
MLT2315 Immunology
MLT2325 Diagnostic Chemistry
MLT2345 Clinical Applications
MRNT1104 Drive System Theory
MRNT1105 Introduction to Marine
MRNT1106 Drive System Service
MRNT1107 Drive Systems I
MRNT1114 Introduction to Boat Rigging
MRNT1120 Marine Starting and Charging Systems
MRNT2001 Marine Internship
MRNT2002 Marine Internship
MRNT2107 Drive Systems II
MRNT2205 Marine Advanced Fuel Systems
MRNT2206 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Systems
MRNT2207 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and Advanced Electrical Systems
MRNT2211 Engine Service
MRNT2212 Performance Testing
MRNT2214 Marine Internship
MRNT2218 Advanced Electrical Diagnosis
MRNT2221 Advanced Drive Systems and Testing
MRNT2222 Transom and Mid-Section Service
MRNT2223 Advanced Drives
MRNT2224 Marine Independent Study Lab
MRNT2227 Transom Plate and Mid-Sections I
MRNT2228 Transom Plate and Mid-Sections II
MRNT2233 Engine Performance Rebuild and Diagnostics
MRNT2238 Marine Four-stroke Outboard Engine Service
MRNT2345 Marine Project Repair
MUSC1112 Beginning Class Guitar
MUSC1113 Beginning Class Voice
MUSC1114 Beginning Class Piano
MUSC1115 America's Musical Heritage
MUSC1116 World Music
MUSC1117 Beginning Class Guitar
MUSC1118 Rock and Pop Music
MUSC1120 Introduction to Music Technology
MUSC1121 Basic Theory and Musicianship I
MUSC1122 Basic Theory and Musicianship II
MUSC1123 Sight Singing and Ear Training I
MUSC1124 Sight Singing and Ear Training II
MUSC1131 Civic Orchestra
MUSC1135 Voice Ensemble
MUSC1141 Concert Choir
MUSC1145 Chamber Chorale
MUSC1150 History of Jazz
MUSC1151 Individual Voice Lessons
MUSC1160 Music Business: Creating and Promoting Music
MUSC1162 Jazz Ensemble
MUSC1164 Concert Band
MUSC1168 Pep Band
MUSC1181 Private Instrumental Lessons
MUSC1185 Private Music Composition Lessons
MUSC1191 Individual Piano Lessons
MUSC2214 Class Piano II
MUSC2223 Sight Singing and Ear Training III
MUSC2224 Sight Singing and Ear Training IV
MUSC2231 Advanced Theory and Musicianship III
MUSC2232 Advanced Theory and Musicianship IV
MUSC2251 Individual Voice Lessons
MUSC2281 Private Instrumental Lessons
MUSC2285 Advanced Music Composition
MUSC2291 Individual Piano Lessons
NURS1400 Introduction to Professional Nursing
NURS1406 Nursing Fundamentals I
NURS1415 Nursing Clinical I
NURS1416 Nursing Fundamentals II
NURS1426 Reproductive Health
NURS2120 Professional Nursing Pharmacology
NURS2410 Role Transition
NURS2426 Reproductive Disorders
NURS2437 Nursing Clinical II
NURS2438 Restorative Nursing I
NURS2447 Nursing Clinical III
NURS2448 Restorative Nursing II
NURS2455 Advanced Intravenous Therapy
NURS2464 Nursing Leadership
NURS2466 Mental Health Nursing
OPT1100 Introduction to Fiber Optics
PARA1101 Introduction to Paralegal
PARA1102 Legal Research and Writing I
PARA1104 Civil Law for Paralegals
PARA1105 Criminal Law for Paralegals
PARA1106 Wills, Trusts & Probate
PARA1110 Torts for Paralegal
PARA1112 Legal Ethics for the Paralegal
PARA2202 Legal Research and Writing II
PARA2204 Real Property
PARA2210 Advanced Paralegal Practices
PARA2212 Family Law
PARA2216 Paralegal Internship
PDEV1100 College Success Seminar
PDEV1101 Campus Life- Active Living
PDEV1102 Contemporary Career Search
PDEV1112 Job Search Skills
PDEV1113 Career Life Planning
PE1109 Wellness Skills
PE1130 Beginning Golf
PE1141 Introduction to Strength Training
PE1190 Varsity Football
PE1192 Varsity Basketball
PE1193 Varsity Baseball
PE1194 Varsity Golf
PE1197 Varsity Volleyball
PE1199 Varsity Softball
PE2100 Introduction to Sports Management
PE2111 Sports Facilities Management
PE2112 Applied Coaching: Football
PE2114 Applied Coaching: Volleyball
PE2115 Applied Coaching: Basketball
PE2145 Advanced Strength Training
PE2190 Varsity Football II
PE2192 Varsity Basketball II
PE2193 Varsity Baseball II
PE2194 Varsity Golf II
PE2197 Varsity Volleyball II
PE2199 Varsity Softball II
PE2201 Lifeguard Water Safety
PE2211 Water Safety Instructor
PE2240 Athletic Injury, Care and Prevention
PE2241 Principles of Coaching
PE2254 Sports in Society
PE2255 Aquatic Outdoor Recreation
PE2999 Athletic Leadership
PHIL1130 Critical Thinking
PHIL1200 Applied and Professional Ethics
PHIL1201 Ethics
PHIL1211 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL2220 Environmental Ethics
PHIL2224 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL2225 Bioethics
PHIL2230 Existentialism
PHIL2235 Symbolic Logic
PHIL2240 Non-Western Philosophical Perspectives
PHIL2300 Political and Social Philosophy
PHRM1001 Fundamental Concepts of Pharmacy
PHRM2001 Pharmacy Principles and Practices I
PHRM2002 Pharmacy Principles and Practices II
PHRM2004 Drug Properties/Distribution
PHRM2010 Experiential / Hospital
PHRM2012 Experiential / Retail
PHYS1105 Fundamental Concepts in Physics
PHYS1106 Fund of Physics - Mechanics
PHYS1107 Physics of Music
PHYS1108 Physics of Flight
PHYS1120 Introduction to Astronomy
PHYS1401 College Physics I
PHYS1402 College Physics II
PHYS1411 University Physics I
PHYS1412 University Physics II
PHYS2970 Internship Experience
PLBG1101 Piping and Job Safety
PLBG1103 Plumbing Trade Tools
PLBG1115 Faucets and Fixtures
PLBG1119 Materials and Fittings
PLBG1123 Plumbing Code I
PLBG1125 Plumbing Lab I
PLBG1131 Grade and Elevation
PLBG1133 Blueprint Reading
PLBG1135 Drainage, Waste and Venting
PLBG1137 Water Distribution
PLBG1139 Backflow Basics
PLBG1141 Plumbing Code II
PLBG1145 Plumbing Lab II
PNSG1200 Concepts of Nursing
PNSG1205 Nursing Pharmacology
PNSG1207 Health Promotion I
PNSG1209 Maternal Child Health
PNSG1216 Practical Nursing Clinical I
PNSG1217 Health Promotion II
PNSG1221 Psychosocial Nursing
PNSG1223 Health Promotion III
PNSG1226 Practical Nursing Clinical II
PNSG1232 Principles of Intravenous Therapy
PNSG1234 Nursing Roles
PNSG1236 Practical Nursing Practicum
PNSG1500 Nursing Care of Adults I
PNSG1508 Foundations of Adult Nursing Care I
PNSG1510 Practical Nursing Foundations
PNSG1512 Practical Nursing Pharmacology
PNSG1514 Clinical I Practical Nurse Foundations
PNSG1518 Foundations of Adult Nursing Care II
PNSG1520 Nursing Care of Women, Newborns, and Children
PNSG1522 Transition to Practical Nursing Practice
PNSG1524 Practical Nursing Mental Health
PNSG1526 Clinical II Practical Nursing
PNSG1528 Clinical II Practical Nursing
PNSG1530 Nursing Care of Adults II
POLS1120 American National Government
POLS1130 State and Local Government
POLS2204 Comparative Government
POLS2206 Global Politics
POLS2220 Introduction to Constitutional Theory
POLS2310 Ideas and Ideologies
POLS2950 Introduction to Social Research
PSYC1101 Human Interaction
PSYC1200 General Psychology
PSYC1201 Introduction to Mental Health Behavioral Aide
PSYC1202 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
PSYC1500 Positive Psychology
PSYC2220 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC2222 Lifespan Development
PSYC2224 Social Psychology
PSYC2226 Behavior and Environmental Management
PSYC2230 Personality Psychology
PSYC2232 Strategies for Working With Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders
PSYC2234 Special Topics for Autism Spectrum Disorders
PSYC2302 Cross-Cultural Psychology
PSYC2900 Statistics for Behavioral and Social Sciences
PSYC2950 Introduction to Social Research
PWST1000 Introduction to PowerSports
PWST1002 Snowmobile, Off Road Vehicle and Motorcycle Maintenance
PWST1010 Introduction to PowerSports I
PWST1012 Introduction to PowerSports II
PWST1014 Personal Watercraft and Marine Engine Maintenance
PWST1015 Marine Engine Installation and Set Up
PWST1017 Fuel Systems I
PWST1021 Ignition, Charging and Starter Systems
PWST1025 Fuel Systems II
PWST1080 Snowmobile Engines
PWST1115 Electrical Foundations
PWST1302 Snowmobile I
PWST1304 Snowmobile Clutching
PWST1310 Personal Watercraft and Jet Pumps
PWST1402 Chainsaws
PWST1404 Generators
PWST1406 Chainsaws and Generators
PWST2302 Advanced Power Equipment
PWST2304 Motorcycles I
PWST2306 Snowmobile Drives and Suspensions
PWST2308 Advanced Snowmobiles
PWST2311 Motorcycles II
PWST2312 Advanced Motorcycle Systems
RADT1102 Fundamental Concepts of Radiologic Technology
RADT1112 Introduction to Radiologic Technology and Patient Care
RADT1116 Radiographic Procedures I
RADT1124 Radiographic Procedures II
RADT1132 Principles of Radiobiology
RADT1140 Radiographic Imaging
RADT1146 Radiographic Procedures III
RADT1180 Radiographic Clinical I
RADT1190 Radiographic Clinical II
RADT2100 Radiographic Clinical III
RADT2110 Radiographic Clinical IV
RADT2120 Radiographic Clinical V
RADT2130 Radiographic Clinical VI
RADT2224 Imaging Equipment
RADT2268 Mammography Clinical
RADT2280 Radiologic Technology Registry Review
REFR1110 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Principles
REFR1112 Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Lab
REFR2202 Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Principles
REFR2204 Commercial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
REFR2206 Commercial Electrical Principles
REFR2208 Commercial Electrical Lab
REFR2211 Advanced Refrigeration Principles
REFR2212 Advanced Refrigeration Lab
REFR2213 Advanced Electrical Theory
REFR2215 Advanced Electrical Applications
REFR2216 Refrigeration Internship
REFR2217 Commercial Grocery Store Refrigeration
SOC1111 Introduction to Sociology
SOC1113 Social Problems
SOC1114 Sociology Service Learning
SOC2210 Social Deviance
SOC2213 Sociology of the Family
SOC2215 Criminology
SOC2216 Minority Group Relations
SOC2217 Rural Sociology
SOC2220 Food, Culture and Society
SOC2222 Sociology of Agriculture
SOC2950 Introduction to Social Research
SOMM1400 Social Media Visual Methods
SOMM2200 Social Media Management
SOMM2300 Social Media Campaigns
SPAN1111 Beginning Spanish I
SPAN1112 Beginning Spanish II
SPAN2211 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN2212 Intermediate Spanish II
SPED2250 Individuals with Exceptionalities
SUPL1110 Budget and Financial Management
SUPL1118 Lead and Facilitate Teams
SURT1200 Introduction to Surgical Technology
SURT1210 Surgical Technology I
SURT1215 Surgical Pharmacology
SURT1220 Surgical Technology II
SURT1230 Surgical Technology III
SURT1250 Surgical Clinical I
SURT1255 Surgical Clinical II
SW2250 Introduction to Social Work/Social Welfare
THPY1110 Massage Techniques and Ethics
THPY1118 Kinesiology
THPY1123 Integrative Massage
THPY1130 Advanced Massage
THPY1135 Deep Tissue Massage
THPY1142 Practical Skills Clinic
THPY1146 Certification Preparation
THPY1148 Sports Massage and Hydrotherapy
THPY1150 Business Development
THPY1156 Massage Pathophysiology
THPY2102 Lymphatic and Hospice Massage
THPY2106 Neuromuscular Therapy
THTR1100 Introduction to Theatre
THTR1105 Acting I
THTR1120 Theatre Performance Practicum
THTR1125 Theatre Technical Practicum
THTR1130 Stage Make-up
THTR1140 Stagecraft
THTR2120 Script Analysis
THTR2130 Design for the Stage
TRDR1101 Commercial Driver's License I
TRDR1103 Commercial Driver's License II
TRNS1001 Fuel Systems I
TRNS1003 Off-Road Literature and Computer Systems
TRNS1005 Off-Road Electrical Systems
TRNS1006 Off-Road Vehicle Maintenance
TRNS1015 Ignition, Charging and Starter Systems Lab
TRNS1016 Ignition, Charging and Starter Systems Theory
TRNS1100 Introduction to Shop Technology
TRNS1102 Introduction to Transportation
TRNS1104 Transportation Electronics
TRNS1111 Electrical Systems I
TRNS1112 Heating Ventilation A/C
TRNS1118 Welding I
TRNS1120 Welding II
TRNS1125 Starting and Charging Theory
TRNS1126 Starting and Charging Lab
TRNS1193 Fuel Systems II Lab
TRNS1194 Fuel Systems II Theory
TRNS1195 Fuel Systems I Marine Service
TRNS1197 Electrical Systems I Lab
TRNS1198 Electrical Systems I Theory
TRNS1199 Electrical Systems I Marine Service
TRNS2108 Power Hydraulics
WEBD1000 Foundations of Web Design
WEBD1020 Photoshop
WEBD1030 Multimedia
WEBD1040 Foundations of Web Development
WEBD1110 Cascading Style Sheets
WEBD1120 User Experience Design
WEBD1130 Electronic Commerce
WEBD1140 JavaScript
WEBD1150 PHP and MySQL
WEBD2000 Web Projects I
WEBD2010 Content Management Systems
WEBD2020 User Interface Design
WEBD2030 Search Engine Optimization
WEBD2040 Web Applications I
WEBD2100 Web Projects II
WEBD2110 Web Portfolio
WEBD2120 Mobile Applications
WEBD2140 Web Applications II
WMST1130 Introduction to Women's Studies
WMST1136 Global Perspectives of Women
ZOO1122 Hematology and Coagulation
ZOO1123 Immunohematology
ZOO1126 Urinalysis and Body Fluids