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CARP1104 – Framing I pdf

Credits: 6 (0/6/0)
Description: This course is designed to provide experience in constructing basic floor frames, wall frames, stair frames, and ceiling and roof frames.
Prerequisites: (None)
Corequisites: (None)
  1. Demonstrate work saftey.
  2. Install building materials.
  3. Demonstrate proper use of fasteners.
  4. Demonstrate proper layout of materials.
  5. Identify building codes.
  6. Install materials, plumb, level and square.
  7. Install stairway.
  8. Install flooring.
  9. Install walls.
  10. Install rafters.
  11. Install sheeting on floor, walls and rafters.
  12. Demonstrate efficient hand and power tool use.
MnTC goal areas: (N/A)

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