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CIVL2209 – Construction Inspection pdf

Credits: 3 (2/1/0)
Description: This course involves the study and performance of procedures necessary in the inspection and documentation of general construction of public works projects. Topics include inspector responsibilities, project management, aggregate base, concrete and bituminous inspection.
Prerequisites: CIVL1102
  1. Utilize industry terminology.
  2. Design with adherence to corresponding specifications.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the application of jurisdiction requirement in the design projects.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to research and develop details to include a detail sheet for inspection into project design documents.
  5. Demonstrate and observe responsibilities with regards to Occupational Safety Hazard Administration (OSHA) safety guidelines.
  6. Demonstrate the utilization and management of construction documents, project management methods, and contracts.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of staking, grading, materials inspections, and appropriate documentation.
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of direct application of construction specifications and common errors at typical construction sites.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of materials testing and adherence to design and testing specifications.
  10. Create updated plans from field changes and from field testing outcome and verify adherence to construction design specifications.
  11. Calculate and maintain quantity and volume records. Maintain accurate records of all aspects of project.
  12. Identify soil types and compaction methods and applications at numerous construction sites.
  13. Acknowledge asphalt and concrete methods and applications at numerous construction sites.
  14. Utilize engineering ethics and responsibilities as defined to defend individual positions.
MnTC goal areas: (N/A)

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