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CPTR2220 – COBOL Programming II pdf

Credits: 3 (2/1/0)
Description: This is the second course in COBOL programming language. Topics include sorting, table processing, data manipulation, control break processing, sequential file maintenance, and indexed and relative files.
Prerequisites: CPTR1114
Corequisites: None
  1. Understand all levels of table processing.
  2. Differentiate single-level and multiple-level control breaks.
  3. Demonstrate index file sequential processing.
  4. Differentiate between subscript and index.
  5. Understand the logic in record selection programs.
  6. Code COBOL SORT.
  7. Explain index file organization.
  8. Code posting transaction record program.
  9. Explain file matching and update logic for a sequential file.
  10. Write a sequential file update program.
  11. Explain a transaction log report.
  12. Explain file maintenance.
  13. Write code to add, update or delete a relative file record.
  14. Test and debug advanced COBOL programs.
MnTC goal areas: None

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