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CULN1106 – Salad and Baking Lab pdf

Credits: 6 (0/6/0)
Description: This course covers food production in the food service salad and baking areas with the practical hands-on applications required for anyone to work in the pastry/baking area as well as the pantry/salad area in a commercial kitchen.
Prerequisites: (None)
Corequisites: (None)
  1. Display professionalism.
  2. Demonstrate proper sanitation and safety standards.
  3. Demonstrate proper equipment and tools operation.
  4. Perform proper produce storage.
  5. Prepare main-course salads.
  6. Prepare separate-course salads.
  7. Prepare appetizer salads.
  8. Prepare accompaniment salads.
  9. Prepare dessert salads.
  10. Perform proper arrangement and presentation of salads.
  11. Understand the basic parts of a salad.
  12. Prepare sandwiches and sandwich spreads.
  13. Prepare temporary emulsion salad dressings.
  14. Prepare permanet emulsion salad dressings.
  15. Prepare pies and pastries.
  16. Prepare cookies and bars.
  17. Prepare cakes and icings.
  18. Prepare breads.
  19. Prepare creams, custards, and puddings.
  20. Perform proper dessert plating and sauce painting.
  21. Follow proper recipe procedures.
MnTC goal areas: (N/A)

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