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CVRI2250 – Radiation Safety pdf

Credits: 2 (1/1/0)
Description: Students in this course will demonstrate safety related to the use of radiation during catheterization procedures. Students will learn x-ray tube components, x-ray production, characteristics and physics. Students will learn to position patients, perform quality assurance, produce images and differentiate between digital and flat screen imaging. Consideration will be given to radiation biology and radiation protection.
Prerequisites: CVRI1120
Corequisites: CVRI2130
  1. Identify x-ray tube components.
  2. Differentiate imaging systems.
  3. Describe characteristics of quality images.
  4. Demonstrate principles of radiation safety for patient and catheterization lab personnel.
  5. Explain effects of radiation on cellular biology.
  6. Analyze images for accuracy and quality.
MnTC goal areas: None

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