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CVRI2262 – Cardiovascular Technology Practicum I pdf

Credits: 5 (0/0/5)
Description: In part one of this capstone course, students will apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the Cardiovascular Technology program. Students will become certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) before being assigned to various cardiovascular catheterization laboratory opportunities. Students will function as a part of the cardiovascular team under the supervision of a preceptor. Students will participate in experiences Monday through Friday for the duration of the academic term. Shifts may rotate between day, evening, night and on-call shifts.
Prerequisites: current Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification
current American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR
current, clear Minnesota Department of Health criminal background check
current, clear national background check
Successful completion (C or better) of all Cardiovascular Technology Program requirements
up-to-date immunizations and health form
Corequisites: None
  1. Demonstrate professional behaviors.
  2. Engage in teamwork to provide exceptional patient care.
  3. Apply principles of asepsis and infection control.
  4. Apply principles of radiation safety.
  5. Accurately perform dosage calculations and drip rates.
  6. Demonstrate respect for individual patients, maintaining their dignity, rights and beliefs.
  7. Demonstrate proficient use of technology.
  8. Demonstrate proficiency in protecting patients and maintaining a safe environment.
  9. Demonstrate proficiency performing time-out procedures.
  10. Demonstrate proficiency performing hand-off procedures.
  11. Demonstrate professional communication.
  12. Perform accurate documentation of catheterization procedures and medication administration.
  13. Demonstrate problem solving and critical thinking.
  14. Engage in professional communication with the catheterization laboratory team, patients and families.
  15. Demonstrate proficient use of catheterization lab equipment, supplies and instruments.
MnTC goal areas: None

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