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DIAT1105 – Principles of Dialysis pdf

Credits: 3 (3/0/0)
Description: This course introduces the student to principles of dialysis including osmosis, diffusion and filtration; treatment modalities; structure and function of different dialysis access sites; interpretation of routine lab tests; pharmacology related to chronic kidney disease; and potential complications of dialysis.
Prerequisites: American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR
High School Diploma or GED
Mn Department of Health background check indicates the student is able to provide direct patient care
Corequisites: DIAT1100
  1. Distinguish between osmosis, diffusion, filtration and ultrafiltration.
  2. Identify treatment modalities available to the dialysis patient.
  3. Explain the structure and function of the various dialysis access sites.
  4. Identify and interpret routine laboratory tests and values related to chronic kidney disease and failure.
  5. Summarize pharmacotherapeutics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacological classifications related to chronic kidney disease and renal dialysis.
  6. Correctly perform calculations related to renal dialysis.
  7. Identify symptoms and treatment of potential dialysis complications.
  8. Discuss psychosocial and physical needs of dialysis patients and their families.
  9. Explore medical problems and their effects on renal dialysis.
MnTC goal areas: None

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