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DNAS1105 – Clinical Assisting II pdf

Credits: 5 (1/4/0)
Description: Dental assisting students apply skills in a clinical setting. This course prepares the student to adapt chairside skills to assist with dental specialties as they are performed in the general practice. Students will apply skills developed in Dental Anatomy, Biomaterials, Biodental Science and Dental Practice Management as they apply to the practice of dental assisting.
Prerequisites: DNAS1103
Corequisites: None
  1. Demonstrate professional oral communication.
  2. Interact professionally with patients, peers and the dental health team.
  3. Seat and dismiss dental patients.
  4. Implement sterilization and disinfection methods using standard infection control techniques.
  5. Apply the principles of four-handed dentistry.
  6. Employ oral evacuation methods maintaining a clear operating field on patients.
  7. Assist with various dental procedures employing four-handed dentistry for instrument transfer with patients.
  8. Perform dental laboratory procedures.
  9. Perform dental charting using charting symbols and systems (both paper and electronic) for the patient.
  10. Aid in emergency needs of patients.
  11. Demonstrate proper operation, care and maintenance of dental equipment.
  12. Document treatment and procedures.
  13. Assist with dental restorative materials.
  14. Assist with impression materials.
  15. Demonstrate diagnostic intraoral and extraoral radiography techniques.
MnTC goal areas: None

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