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DNAS1143 – Clinical Affiliations pdf

Credits: 5 – 6
Description: This is a faculty-supervised course at extramural sites with dentists and dental auxiliaries providing ancillary supervision. The student will be provided with clinical experiences by affiliations in general dentistry and/or specialized practices. Emphasis is on professionalism in performing general chairside and advanced intraoral procedures.
Prerequisites: Acceptance into the dental assisting program.
Corequisites: (None)
  1. Demonstrate good oral communication.
  2. Display professionalism.
  3. Comply with clinical affiliation office policies.
  4. Integrate aseptic dental technique for treatment.
  5. Manage patient records.
  6. Perform expanded functions and assisting techniques.
  7. Apply instrument usage.
  8. Educate patients on personal oral hygiene techniques.
  9. Assist with examination procedures.
  10. Manage dental patient seating/dismissing.
  11. Expose, process, and mount intraoral radiographs.
  12. Display radiographic quality assurance technique.
  13. Manipulate dental cements.
  14. Manipulate esthetic restorative materials.
  15. Manipulate impression material.
  16. Trim study models.
  17. Recognize dental/medical signs/symptoms.
  18. Assist dental/medical emergency treatment.
MnTC goal areas: (N/A)

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