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DSET2210 – Mobile Hydraulics pdf

Credits: 4 (1/3/0)
Description: This course covers the hydraulic components used in farm and heavy equipment and trucks. This will include hydrostatic transmission, electric over hydraulic control valves and electronic control components. It will also include troubleshooting of live units with proper testing equipment used in up-to-date service centers.
Prerequisites: DSET1100
Corequisites: None
  1. Demonstrate safety procedures.
  2. Utilize service publications.
  3. Analyze hydraulic schematics.
  4. Describe how a given hydraulic circuit works.
  5. Analyze electrical over hydraulic components.
  6. Repair electrical over hydraulic components.
  7. Analyze pilot-operated hydraulic systems.
  8. Repair pilot-operated hydraulic systems.
  9. Analyze hydrostatic drive systems.
  10. Analyze load-sensing hydraulic systems.
  11. Adjust load-sensing hydraulic systems.
  12. Repair hydrostatic drive systems.
  13. Exhibit professionalism.
MnTC goal areas: None

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